#180 Nice lunch at De Republiek (2), Bruges

restaurant review #180 – De Republiek is a brasserie in the city center of Bruges, close to the market square (north west of market). De Republiek is also a cultural hub with rooms for art exhibitions, socio-cultural events and a movie theater.
We were here previously in the fall of 2016 (see review here).

De Republiek has had a complete makeover in the Fall of 2017. The place is much brighter and modern now. When we visited for lunch a couple of weeks ago, they were still working on the inner court terrace, but it looked like it would be quite a nice and large terrace!

front of De Republiek, Bruges
interior, De Republiek, Bruges
area in the back with sofa, De Republiek, Bruges

We were at De republiek for an early lunch. I had made a reservation through the website, but that seemed not to have been necessary (still plenty of space). I think it is more crowded in the evening, and is advised to make a reservation for dinner though.

There is one vegan dish standardly available on the menu: the Saint Tropez dish, which is an ovendish with vegetables (sweet potato, broccoli, chickpeas, paksoi) (17€).

part of menu at De Republiek, Bruges

Our drinks and lunch followed swiftly, and service was friendly.

Tonic (2,80€) and fresh juice (5€), De Republiek, Bruges
vegan tonic!, De Republiek, Bruges
lunch, De Republiek, Bruges
our lunch at De Republiek

The oven dish was not bad, but not really wow neither. A nice variety of vegetables. The chickpeas were really hard though (carefull with the teeth!) and it made me wonder whether they had been soaked at all, or just went in as dried chickpeas in the oven.
It was remarkable to see a vegan label on the tonic bottle, had not seen that before!

We inquired about vegan desserts, but there were said to be no vegan desserts available. We afterwards heard that Chez Mariette delivers vegan pastry to De Republiek, but apparently there wasn’t any available that day, or the waiter must have been unaware of it.

desserts menu, De Republiek, Bruges

The toilets are fully renovated too (nice!), and there is now also a fully accessible toilet. Access to the restaurant is step free.

interior, De Republiek, Bruges
toilets at De Republiek, Bruges. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
Loved the signs on the doors of the toilets!
interior, De Republiek, Bruges

We had a nice quick lunch. And love the new interior (albeit somewhat hard and uncomfy chairs). I do hope they will add some more vegan options to the menu though.

De Republieklocation
Sint Jakobsstraat 36
8000 Brugge / Bruges
050/73 47 64


See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

area in the back with sofa, De Republiek, Bruges

De Republiek is just across the street from vegan clothes shop Leeloo.

front of shop Leeloo, Belfry in the back, Bruges
De Republiek, Bruges


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