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#295 Loved everything! Lunch at vegan resto Blackbird, Bruges

restaurant review #295 – Blackbird is a vegan breakfast/lunch restaurant in the city center of Bruges, at the Jan van Eyckplein. The restaurant had gradually been adding more vegan option to their menu over the years, and in Spring of 2021 decided to go fully vegan. Yeah! 🙂

Interior Blackbird, Bruges
Interior Blackbird, Bruges
napkin, Blackbird, Bruges

I had been planning to go to Blackbird for a long time, but either we couldn’t or it was closed, or fully booked, and then there was a lockdown etc.
So now finally! To be sure, we made a reservation, as it is often fully booked.

Menu, Blackbird, Bruges
Menu, Blackbird, Bruges

We ordered some drinks (nice mocktails available), a soup of the day (3,50€) and the oven dish (moussaka that day)(16,50€) and the happiness bowl (with peanuts, avocado, lots of greens, …) (16,50€)
The food was great. Moussaka was just the right portion. The happiness bowl was a very large portion (I couldn’t finish it, my husband did).

drinks, Blackbird, Bruges
soup of the day, Blackbird, Bruges
oven dish of the day, moussaka, Blackbird, Bruges
happiness bowl, Blackbird Bruges

For dessert we shared a piece of lemon pie (from magpies). It was a huge piece, and enough for the two of us (makes sense at 6,50 a piece😉).

coffee and tea, Blackbird, Bruges
lemon pie from Magpies, Blackbird, Bruges

Very friendly service in nice relaxed interior. There are some outdoor tables too.
Next to breakfast and lunch, or a piece of cake, you can also order brunch.

The restaurant room is at ground floor, toilet is at the back – upstairs. No accessible toilet.

One toilet at the back, clean and tidy, Blackbird, Bruges
– Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
interior – chandelier, Blackbird, Bruges
carpet at entrance, Blackbird, Bruges
interior, Blackbird, Bruges

We really enjoyed it, and meanwhile we have visited again a couple of times to have tea and coffee and cake in the afternoon!

Blackbird, location

Jan Van Eyckplein 7
8000 Brugge


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Front of Blackbird (photo from 2018 – when we wanted to visit but it was closed that time)
Front window, Blackbird, Bruges
Our lunch, Blackbird, Bruges
a very empty Jan van Eyckplein during the lockdown in 2020

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