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#294 Nice food, but no vegan options on menu, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge

restaurant review #294 – Den Hemel en D’Helle is a traditional style restaurant in the city center of Bruges, close to the Stadsschouwburg (city Theater). The interior is more pub like, but the menu is rather traditional. The name – in local dialect – translates as ‘heaven and hell’.

counter, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge

The restaurant was added as a listing on Happy Cow, the international database with vegan and vegan friendly restaurants and shops, professionals, caterers etc. By the way, I’m also an ambassador of Happy Cow, and I add a lot of reviews and photos and add new places. You can find me here. The database depends on user input, so that’s you and me 🙂
So we were eager to check out this new listing, as it’s always nice to see new places offering vegan options, especially in your hometown!

I telephoned for a reservation and inquired about the vegan menu, and was told we could get some vegan sharing dishes, but for the menu one has to ask it at least a day in advance (maybe we’ll try that another time then).

We were a bit surprised to see no mention of any vegan dishes (or vegan option) on the menu, but were assured that vegan options are possible.

sharing food, but no vegan options mentioned, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge
appetizers, no vegan options mentioned, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge

When ordering, we made some inquiries (e.g. are the items baked in plantbased oil? what about honey? etc) and the waitress said she would check with the kitchen. The chef came and was very friendly and explained which sharing dishes could be veganised (the burger and hotdog). And also explained he uses plantbased butter, veganaise, plant oil etc in the kitchen. He seemed very knowledgable about plantbased food, which was reassuring. Also came back to explain about the bread (burger and hotdog bun not vegan, will use another type of bread etc).
He also said he wants to include vegan dishes on the menu in the future.

We didn’t have to wait long for our food: two mini burgers and two mini hotdogs.
The food was ok, but all in all it were small ‘sharing’ dishes, and good as a sort of tapas with drinks (If you want this as a ‘meal’ I would suggest ordering 3 to 4 dishes for 2 persons). At 15€ for the two mini burgers and 11 for the hotdogs, not cheap too. But they tasted good.

raspberry delight mocktail, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge
sharing food, vegan hotdogs, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge
sharing food, vegan burgers, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge

Nice setting, and nice atmosphere, lovely music.

interior, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge
toilet clean and tidy, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
front terrace, Den Hemel & d’Helle, Brugge

All in all: I hope they will be adding vegan dishes to the menu. It’s always more reassuring to see vegan mentioned on the menu, instead of having to ask, and double check, and ask again … And of course, we hope to see more and more restaurants moving in the vegan direction.

Pros: very knowledgable about what vegan means , friendly, food ok

Cons: no vegan dishes mentioned on menu , on the expensive side, for vegan menu: reserve in advance

PS: the raspberry Delight Mocktail was heavenly!

Den Hemel & d’Helle, location

Kuipersstraat 11
8000 Brugge


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    Klein typfoutje of doe je het express? lol
    restaurant review #294 – Den Kemel en D’Helle is a traditional style restaurant in the city center of Bruges, close to the Stadsschou

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