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#296 – Nice salad at Low-C, Ypres / Ieper

restaurant review 296 – Low-C is a salad bar in the city center of Ieper (Ypres). We had lunch here a couple of weeks ago.

Front + outdoor benches, Low-C, Ypres
Entrance, Low-C, Ypres

There is one vegan salad standardly available on the menu, but we choose to compose our own, with mixed greens, shredded carrot, sweet corn, falafel, hummus, raisins, nuts etc.
Staff was knowledgeable about which sauces did not contain eggs etc.

salad – counter (note: not all vegan), Low-C, Ypres
sauces, Low-C, Ypres
counter, Low C, Ypres

We only bought one salad, which was a big portion, and enough to share among the two of us. We sat outside on the benches.
I forgot to note the price of the salad, but remember it was very reasonably priced, especially since we could share it! In total, we paid 19€ (salad + two drinks).

salad, Low C, Ypres
the salad that we shared, Low-C, Ypres

The salad was nice. Would love to see some more vegan protein options though, eg shredded seitan, Tvp, tofu or tempeh., …

No photo of the interior or toilet this time, didn’t really visit inside. Restaurant not accessible: one large step to get in.

Pros: fresh, good food, large portion

Cons: few vegan ‘meat’ options, lots of throw-away package / plastic

Note! they are planning to move to another location in the Fall.

LOW-C, location

Boomgaardstraat 20
8900 Ieper


website: https://lowc1.ccvshop.be/

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We visited the exhibition POES in the Yper Museum. Was really interesting and nicely set up. In the same building also a project about the ‘geknipte kat’ (the neutered cat), more aimed at schools etc.

Some photos:

Poes, banner in street of Ypres
Meningate, Ypres

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