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#301 – Vegan wrap and pizza at Monkey Eleven, Bruges

Restaurant review #301 – Monkey eleven is a rather new place in town, it opened nearly two years ago, in the beginning of 2020.

Interior Monkey Eleven, Bruges (photo from beginning 2020)

 There are several vegan options standardly available. The style is of ‘healthy fastfood’. Each section of the menu has a vegan option (vegan pizza, wrap, bowl). 

part of menu, Monkey Eleven, Bruges
part of menu, Monkey Eleven, Bruges

I have been here in the beginning for a soup (carrot and coconut), then after a couple of months during lockdown had take-away, which was really good. It was a vegan menu at 35€ pp. Soup + main + dessert. Huge portions though, we split the main course and dessert, so we each had another meal the next day! We had cauliflower with mushrooms and lemongrass, curry with falafel, and coconut creme and fresh fruit.

Soup, Monkey Eleven, Bruges

Then a couple of weeks ago, in the Summer of 2021, we visited for lunch.  This is what we ate:

vegan wrap (13€), Monkey Eleven, Bruges
vegan pizza (17€), Monkey Eleven, Bruges
a salad (which we didn’t order – see below), Monkey Eleven, Bruges

It’s colourful healthy food. Although a bit on the expensive side (like 17€ for the pizza, which was really thin and not filling). The wraps were really nice.
Would love to see more variety in the vegan options, like add things with seitan etc.

outside terrace, Monkey Eleven, Bruges

The ‘order at the bar’ system is not handy and annoying even, because of the long queue, and if for example you want to ask another drink in between, it’s not nice to have to stand in line for 10 minutes for that (and it wasn’t even crowded). It seems there’s only one person taking orders and doing payment, causing the long queue.
We actually had ordered a soup, but got a salad instead (it was brought to our table by a waiter, but that went so fast we didn’t have the time to mention it. We saw the waiter inside, but he told us we had to mention it at the counter. Gave up the queue to go mention it after 5 minutes, and just ate the salad 🤷‍♀️.

The interior is spacious, the decoration is stylish and sober. I don’t fancy the sheep skins though (real?).

Note: the restaurant room is not accessible: large step to get in. Toilets are at the back and downstairs and it was a bit of a search to find a light for going downstairs. Did not see an accessible toilet.  

Toilets at Monkey Eleven (downstairs), Bruges
interior, Monkey Eleven, Bruges

All in all: Nice food. We loved the take away, but dining in was a bit chaotic and a really long wait standing in line to order.  

Monkey Eleven, location
Vlamingstraat 64
8000 Brugge
050/ 66 09 55


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Interior (photo from beginning of 2020), Monkey Eleven Bruges

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