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#302 Nice lunch at vegan restaurant Veggie Galore, Nijmegen (NL)

restaurant review #302 – Veggie Galore is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Nijmegen (the Netherlands). Veggie Galore serves vegan Creole dishes. We were here a couple of weeks ago with friends.

front and terrace, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen
interior, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen

We had made a reservation for lunch, but that seemed not to have been necessary, as there was plenty of space.

Nice to be in a vegan restaurant that serves other dishes than the classic burgers, or wraps!

menu, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen

We ordered the Nachos extrema (13,50€) BBQ Tempeh Sandwich (8,75€) and chickn’ waffles (9,50€). Fairly priced, although strange that the nachos cost so much more in comparison to the other dishes.

I had the chickn waffles and really enjoyed this dish. Nice variation.
The nachos dish was very VERY HOT (be warned!).

Nachos extrema, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen
BBQ Tempegh Sandwich, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen
chickn waffles, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen

We also had some dessert: the naranja creola (a sort of muffin with some cream and berries on top) (4,50€) and a brownie (4,75€). Desserts were nice, although pricy.

naranja creola, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen
brownie, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen

Bright space, a bit loud music in the beginning, although they did turn it down a bit when we asked (thanks 😉

Restaurant & terrace on ground floor. Some tables on higher level. One toilet, did not see an accessible toilet.

Toilet at Veggie Galore, Nijmegen – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
Table decoration, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen
interior, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen

All in all: Loved the food, friendly service. We had a great lunch! Would definitely visit again!

Veggie Galore, location

Burchtstraat 126,
6511 RK Nijmegen
The Netherlands

website: https://veggiegalore.nl/

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logo, Veggie Galore, Nijmegen
Loved these signs on the floor everywhere in the city, leading to an exhibition about the Plague.
Pity we didn’t have time to visit. Nijmegen (the Netherlands)
Stevenskerk, medieval church in city center of Nijmegen (the Netherlands)
central market square, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Sculpture by Oscar Goedhart, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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