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#300 Loved it! Original dishes at vegan restaurant Rucolino, Dudelange (LUX)

restaurant review #300 (yes, 300!!! 🙂 ) – Rucolino is a vegan restaurant in Dudelange in Luxembourg, a bit south of the capital, Luxembourg city. We were here a couple of weeks ago, when we were in the area for the International Animal Rights Conference (I gave a presentation there about Animal Resistance and human saviourism, see here).

Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)
interior Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)

We had lunch at Rucolino on a beautiful Summer day on the terrace.
Happy to see some original dishes on the menu.

menu (September 2021), Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)

We had the duo Bomba (one with pesto of carrots & vegan mozarella and the other with tomato pesto and vegan mozarella) (17€) and pasta with pesto from artichocs (15,90€).
We couldn’t resist sharing a tiramisu for dessert (6,9€).

drinks with view at the church in the background, Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)
pasta with pesto from artichocs, Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)
duo Bomba, Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)
shared a tiramisu for dessert, Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)

Loved the food! Very friendly service too.
Downside is that the terrace is along a rather busy road, and is not so quiet, and terrace chairs are not so comfy.

Toilet was clean and tidy, Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
logo Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)
interior, Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)

Gave them a Happy Cow window sticker, hope they put it on the window😉

Note: Not accessible – steps to get inside – steps to toilets.

All in all: really liked it! Original dishes, lovely food, friendly service. If this restaurant was closer, we would be regular visitors!

Rucolino, location

15, Rue du Commerce
3450 Dudelange

+35 226512959

website: http://www.rucolino.lu/

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Our lunch at Rucolino, Dudelange (Lux)
Dudelange, Luxembourg

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