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About animal resistance and human saviourism. Presentation at IARC 2021, Geertrui Cazaux

Stories of animal resistance. About human saviourism and not so-voiceless animals – Geertrui Cazaux

Other animals resist their oppression, by escaping, retaliating, and acts of everyday resistance. Centering other animals and sharing their stories helps us move away from a human saviourist framing and is an expression of solidarity with them. They are not voiceless and we are not their saviours but their allies.
In this presentation, I will document stories of animal resistance.

IARC, Luxembourg, September 3, 2021.

Some of the images shown in the presentation:

Title poster of presentation
Cow ‘Hero’
screenshot from video by Radi Aid and Barbie Saviour –
Screenshot IG post ‘superheroes’


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