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#287 Lunch at Indian Tandoori, Bruges

restaurant review #287 – Indian Tandoori is located in de Oude Gentweg (near the Katelijnestraat) in the east side of town. We had visited this restaurant many years ago, and had good memories of it, and wanted to try again. 

This is from a visit in September 2020, so before the second lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic were enforced.

front of Indian Tandoori, Bruges

The menu has a two page vegetarian section, but vegan options are not labeled, so you need to ask.

part of vegetarian menu, Indian Tandoori, Bruges
part of vegetarian menu, Indian Tandoori, Bruges

The waiter seemed knowledgeable about which dishes do or don’t contain dairy, and reassured us that no eggs are used in the kitchen. Nonetheless, he came with the traditional appetizer, flat bread with sauces, of which one was a yoghurt sauce, but immediately said, ‘you cannot eat this’.

flatbread with sauces, Indian Tandoori, Bruges (Note: the yoghurt is not vegan)

We had the fried onions and samosas as appetizer (each 8€). These were fried too hard and were dark brown and rather hard. Some sauce to go with them and the salad would have been nice too. Pity.

appetizer samosas, Indian Tandoori, Bruges
fried onions, Indian Tandoori, Bruges

For main dishes, we choose Aloo Matar (14€) – vegetable dish with green peas and tomatos, cashews and Baingan Bartha (15€) eggplant with curry, onions and tomato. On the side we asked for pilau rice (4,50€) and tandoor roti (3€) (no naan bread, as the waiter said it contains milk).

The main dishes, Indian Tandoori, Bruges
The main dishes, Indian Tandoori, Bruges
a bit of both of the main dishes, Indian Tandoori, Bruges

After the appetizers, the main dishes took quite a while to be served (about 50 minutes)….
The main dishes were served with cole slaw on the side.
All in all reasonably priced (all main veg dishes ranging from 14-16 euro).

The main dishes were ok, although we have had better and more refined and flavourful Indian food.

I don’t know whether there are any vegan desserts available, because of the long wait and the experience that far, we wanted to leave.

interior, Indian Tandoori, Bruges

It’s a small restaurant (at that time due to covid only 5 tables of 4). Some of the other guests had some dishes that came on a sizzling hot plate, which filled the small restaurant room with smoke, which was a bit annoying.

The waiter seemed to restrict himself to the bare minimum of communication and was a bit bruut in serving (nearly throwing the plates on the table). It also wouldn’t hurt to smile once in a while😄

The restaurant is not accessible: there is a large step to get in. No accessible toilet. Toilets were old fashioned and basic, but clean.

Toilets at Indian Tandoori, Bruges, Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
interior, Indian Tandoori, Bruges

Indian Tandoori also offers take away. 

All in all: Glad that there are some vegan options on the menu, but food and service could be better. Maybe they had an off day, as we had good memories from our visit to Indian Tandoori many years ago. But this time we didn’t really enjoy it. We had way better Indian food in other places, and in a more enjoyable setting.

Note: This review is from a visit before the lockdown due to COVID, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.

Indian Tandoori, location

Oude Gentweg 11
8000 Brugge


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