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#286 Vegan pie and more at Karbon, Ghent

restaurant review #286 – This review is from a visit to Karbon in the beginning of October 2020, before the second lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic were enforced.

Karbon is a new place in Ghent, where you can order take away (big counter with options stalled out) or eat in the restaurant itself. It is in the city center, not far from the Belfry.
We were here on the opening day (Oct 9), as we had seen a post from Chez Mariette delivering vegan pies to Karbon. They also offer several vegan lunch and dinner options, or you can ask to have your dish veganised. Vegan breakfast is also possible.
Vegan options are not labeled on menu, so you need to ask. Vegetarian options can mostly be veganised (eg leave out feta).

Front view with some terrace seats in front, Karbon, Ghent
Counter (note: not all vegan), Karbon, Ghent
part of menu, Karbon, Ghent
part of menu, Karbon Ghent

We had two pieces of vegan pie: chocolate peanut and almond. Delicious! but very expensive (8€ and 6€ for a piece!).
And fresh juice (4.90€) and a coffee (3,50€) (note: almond milk is possible for coffee, PS: chocolate that came with coffee is not vegan, would be nice if they adjusted that).

almond pie and fresh juice, Karbon, Ghent
chocolate peanut pie, Karbon, Ghent

The interior was very nice, bright and spacious. The entrance and the restaurant room itself are wheelchair accessible. Did not see an accessible toilet however.

some seating at a ‘bar’ at the front window, Karbon, Ghent
Toilet at the back – no accessible toilet. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
interior, Karbon, Ghent

All in all: great addition in Ghent! Nice atmosphere, great pie. Hope they will label the vegan options more clearly in the future, that would make it easier to order.

Note: A recent message on the restaurant’s website states that they are currently closed due to a fire. Hope they are up and running again soon!

Karbon, location

Lange Kruisstraat 7
9000 Gent

website: https://www.karbongent.com/

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logo Karbon, Ghent
vegan pastry from Chez Mariette, Karbon, Ghent
vegan pastry from Chez Mariette, Karbon, Ghent

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