#138 Vegan lasagne at Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain

Restaurant review #138 – Lasagnerie Löven is a relatively new place in Louvain, with only one dish on the menu. Going by the name of the place, you might have already guessed it: they serve lasagne! In all possible variations, and there is also a vegan version standardly available.
Lasagnerie Löven is in the city center, in the Parijsstraat (parallel to the Old Market).

Front of Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain
Interior, Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain
interior, Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain
Interior, Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain

A couple of weeks ago, we were in Louvain and made a reservation for lunch. I also checked whether they did have the vegan lasagne available, and received confirmation. The reservation turned out not to be necessary, as there were still plenty of tables available (but this was during school holidays, so that might be different during the school year).

menu, Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain

We inquired about the different sizes of the lasagnes (regular or king size), and decided to go for the regular (14,50) (apparently, the king size is twice the size, but without the salad on the side!).

Vegan lasagne at Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain
Vegan lasagne at Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain

The lasagnes were very nice, and had vegan cheese on top (we checked again with the waitress to be sure 😉 Nice salad on the side too.

Unfortunately no appetizers, and no vegan desserts (at least, we didn’t see any mention of them on the menu, nor were offered any).
But the lasagne was really good!
Toilets were clean and tidy, dark stairs to get there though, and room service was also going back and forth changing sheets and cleaning the rooms in the boutique hotel upstairs.
We had a nice lunch in a modern stylish decor. Friendly service, although a bit of a wait for the lasagne to be served.
Definitely a great addition to Louvain and we hope to visit again!


Lasagnerie Löven, location
Parijsstraat 7
3000 Leuven
+32 (0)16/90.15.66


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Toilets at Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain.
Interior, Lasagnerie Löven, Louvain
Fonske, Louvain. City Hall in the back
Entrance of the botanical garden, Louvain


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