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#137 Nice lunch in the swamp of Paris: Le Potager du Marais

Restaurant review #137 – Le Potager du Marais is a vegan restaurant in Paris. It is located – as the name says – in the Marais, which is a lively and cosy (but also quite touristic) neighbourhood. There are plenty of restaurants, cafés and trendy shops in the area.
Marais is French for swamp, which refers to the region’s original state, and potager stands for vegetable gardener. So that makes Le Potager du marais the vegetable gardener of the swamp 😉

Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr)

Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr).

Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr)

It’s a rather small place, and tables are closely together, but yet there’s still a cosy atmosphere. There’s also a small terrace in front.

We were here for lunch during our city trip in Paris in June.

We didn’t have a reservation, and were lucky that there was a table available (we were quite late for lunch, so people already started to leave). Service was very friendly, and we immediately felt welcome!
There was tap water on the table (and was refilled), which we appreciated immensly, as it was a very hot couple of days in Paris!

This is what we had for lunch:

  • Mushroom pate, 8€. This was very nice!
  • Hummus (chickpea puree), 8€. Was good, but some extra flavouring would have been nice.
  • Seitan stew with red wine and mushrooms and mashed potatoes, 18€. Would have liked more mushrooms and carrots in the sauce (like our seitan stew), it was mainly sauce.
  • Salade with vegan cheese and smoked tofu, 18€. Nice and fresh, large portion. Would have loved some more of that delicious vegan cheese in it though!

Mushroom paté, 8€, Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr)

Hummus, 8€, Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr)

Seitan stew, 18€, Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr)

Salad with vegan cheese and smoked tofu, 18€, Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr)

Would have loved to taste their vegan desserts, but we were too hot and too stuffed for dessert!

Chairs were with arm rests, which was enjoyable. Toilet was in the back and was a bit unorderly, but seemed clean.
All in all: we had a very nice lunch! and would definitely visit Le Potager du Marais again.

Le Potager du Marais, location 
24 rue Rambuteau 75003 Paris
01 57 40 98 57


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Toilets at Le Potager du Marais, Paris, Fr

Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr)

Le Potager du Marais, Paris (Fr)

biking in Paris #tandem

Paris, France


  1. Love the name, love the place, would like to work here, it’d be fun, I think! Love the pic’s, the food looks so amazing, I’ve pinned it so when I’m in Paris next, I want to go here! Thanks for the info…. makes me want to be there right now!!! 🙂

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