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#307 Vegan fastfood at PapaPizza & Burger, Neeroeteren

restaurant review #307 – Well, the name does give it away! Pappa Pizza & Burger is a fastfood restaurant in Neeroeteren, in Limburg (BE).

Great to see a place with some many vegan options here. And with homemade cheeze!! It was a life saver for us, as other restaurants in the wider area (the few that have vegan options) were either fully booked or closed.

Front of Papa Pizza & Burger, Neeroeteren

We ordered two pizzas and a burger online, clear website (although we misunderstood the double portion for the burger, we thought that was for double fries, but it turned out to be a double burger!), and you can also indicate your pick up time. The order was ready to be picked up at that time.

Papa Pizza & Burger is a small place. There’s no indining facilities, only take away. They were very friendly.

We had our dinner on our terrace at Bed & Breakfast De Dageraad in Bocholt (see pics of their fabulous vegan breakfast).

Our take out order from Papa Pizza & Burger, Neeroeteren
double burger, fries and two pizzas, Papa Pizza & Burger, Neeroeteren

The pizzas and burger were nice, but we’re no fan of the soft dough style pizza crust (we like it crusty) and the sandwich type burger bun.
The homemade vegan cheezes are nice, but didn’t really have a distinct or strong flavour. Both tasted quite similar.

pizza, Papa Pizza & Burger, Neeroeteren
Pizza, Papa Pizza & Burger, Neeroeteren
double burger and fries, Papa Pizza & Burger, Neeroeteren

Total of our order was 54,25€ (including two drinks). But we clearly overordered and couldn’t finish all of this! 😉

Papa Pizza & Burger, location

Spilstraat 21
3680 Neeroeteren, Maaseik

website: https://www.papapizzaenburger.be/

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Spotted on the other side of the border in the Netherlands “Wij steken zomaar over”
somewhere in the area, Limburg
somewhere in the area, Limburg

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