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#308 Nice lunch, lovely location, Eviedemment, Ronse

restaurant review #308 – Eviedemment is a lunchbar in a renovated chapel/church (de Passage) in Ronse, in the south of Flanders (Vlaamse Ardennen). There is indoor seating (also upstairs), but as it was a beautiful Summer day, we sat on the terrace.
It was very quiet, there was hardly any traffic, which was nice.

The renovated church, interior, Ronse
sign at the entrance, Eviedemment, Ronse
large terrace at the back of de Passage, Eviedemment, Ronse

The menu only has a handful of items and changes weekly. Everything is freshly prepared. There are also homemade lemonades.

Week menu, July, Eviedemment, Ronse
counter (not all vegan) Eviedemment, Ronse
drinks menu, Eviedemment, Ronse
our drinks, Eviedemment, Ronse

There were two vegan dishes on the menu: the curry (17€) and the mix Comptoir/vegan (19€) = a selection of items from the counter. Both dishes were nice, but could use some extra bite (like some tempeh, seitan or such).

our lunch, Eviedemment, Ronse
mix comptoir, Eviedemment, Ronse
curry, Eviedemment, Ronse

As there was vegan pie available for dessert, we couldn’t resist. A piece of walnut cake (5,5) and cheezecake (6,50€).

dessert, Eviedemment, Ronse

De Passage, Eviedemment, Ronse

Toilets are on the other side of the chapel, and you need a token to access them (or pay 50 cent). Toilets were spotlessly clean.

Toilets, Eviedemment, Ronse (De Passage) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
Eviedemment, Ronse

All in all: We had a nice lunch. Friendly.
A bit on the expensive side though. Steep prices.

Eviedemment, location

Sint-Martensplein 9 bus 9
9600 Ronse
0471 98 11 74

website: https://eviedemment.be/

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outdoor seating at the back of De Passage, Eviedemment, Ronse
Somewhere between Kluisbergbos and Ronse
somewhere in de Vlaamse Ardennen

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