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#309 Lovely vegan lunch, Tastou, Weert (NL)

restaurant review #309 – Tastou is a lunchroom in the center of Weert, a small town in the south of the Netherlands, right across the border with Belgium. We were here for lunch a couple of months ago, when we were on holiday in Limburg.

terrace of Tastou, Weert (NL)
vegan mentioned on street sign, Tastou, Weert (NL)

There are several vegan options standardly available on the menu – and indicated as vegan.

menu (Summer 2021), Tastou, Weert (NL)
drinks at Tastou, Weert (NL)

We had the salad with tabouleh, jackfruit, hummus and smoked tofu (14,75) and crispy cauliflower with mangochutney and quinoa salad (9,75).
Both dishes were really lovely. Really creative, nicely presented. Not too much, and just enough for a lunch.

salad with tabouleh, jackfruit, hummus and smoked tofu ,Tastou, Weert (NL)
crispy cauliflower with mangochutney and quinoa salad, Tastou, Weert (NL)

We really enjoyed our lunch. So nice to have a chef who thinks out of the box and goes beyond the standard ‘hummus wrap’ or plain salad dish.

They also offer icecream (counter inisde), and several are labelled as vegan.

vegan mentioned on menu of icecreams, Tastou, Weert (NL)
icecream, vegan labelled, Tastou, Weert (NL)
vegan labelled icecream, Tastou, Weert (NL)
interior, Tastou, Weert (NL)
toilet on ground floor, clean and tidy, Tastou, Weert (NL) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
entrance, Tastou, Weert (NL)

All in all: we had a lovely relaxed lunch. Fresh, creative, and friendly people.

Tastou, location

Langstraat 4
6001 CV Weert

website: https://lunchroomtastou.nl/

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lovely lunch at Tastou, Weert (NL)
mill, somewhere in the area of Weert

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