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#193 The Last dinner at Loving Hut, Maastricht (NL)

restaurant review #193 – Loving Hut is an international chain with vegan restaurants all over the world. There are already several reviews of Loving Huts we have visited up on my blog (see here). Every restaurant has its unique style and menu, and depends a lot on who is running the place (ranging from fastfood burgers and hotdogs to more elaborate menus).

front of restaurant, Loving Hut Maastricht

Interior, Loving Hut Maastricht

The Loving Hut in Maastricht was at the edge of the city. I’m writing ‘was’ since it closed at the end of June 2018. We had already visited the Loving in Hut in Maastricht five years ago and wanted to return during our holiday break in the area. There was an announcement at the door stating that the restaurant was closing in a couple of days time due to the retirement of owner and chef.
So we were lucky to have enjoyed a dinner there a last time!

reiterment message from the owner at the door, Loving Hut Maastricht

Loving Hut Maastricht had a very extensive menu, with lots of mock ‘meat’ and mock ‘fish’. The cuisine was Asian inspired (Chinese would be my best guess). They also did take away. As in all Loving Huts, there was no alcohol served.
The young waiter welcoming us was very friendly. As we got seated, I recognised a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time, who was waiting for take away. That was a pleasant surprise!

part of very extensive menu, Loving Hut, Maastricht

We had alcohol free beer (2,25€) and sparkling water (1,75€). And a fresh orange juice (2,75€). As a starter I had sweet corn soup (4€). It was a huge bowl, but after a while, it started to get a bit monotone.

Kroepoek, Loving Hut Maastricht

alcohol free beer, Loving Hut, Maastricht

Sweet corn soup, Loving Hut, Maastricht

We ordered the combination dish (27,50€ for two), which includes 5 dishes (‘prawns’, babi pangang, sate sticks, tofu, and ‘chicken’ balls). With with white rice and noodles. The food was nice, although a bit heavy on sauce. Large portions too. We were offered a ‘doggy bag’ to take leftovers with us.
Although we were stuffed, we were curious about dessert, and ordered the icecream with fresh fruit (6€) to share.

Combination of 5 dishes as main dish, Loving Hut, Maastricht

noodles on the side, Loving Hut, Maastricht

rice on the side, Loving Hut, Maastricht

Icecream with fresh fruit, Loving Hut Maastricht

Toilets are upstairs.  Toilets were clean though, although a bit old fashioned decor. There was no towel (neither paper) to dry one’s hands).

Toilets at Loving Hut, Maastricht. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

loving Hut logo in frame on wall, Loving Hut, Maastricht

We had a lovely dinner. Nice food, friendly people and relaxed atmosphere.
Pity to see the Loving Hut in Maastricht closed. We are happy to have visited in the last week!

Loving Hut Maastricht, location
Scharnerweg 36
+31 43 362 9077


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city view Maastricht

city center Maastricht

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