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#350 Lots of mock meats, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld (Germ)

restaurant review #350 – This is from a visit to vegan restaurant Veggie Delicious in Germany in 2022, when we were on route from Hannover to Cologne to go to several GENESIS shows (see video clip below and more on my You Tube).

front – banner: vegan buffet 15€ on Sunday, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld

I had read reports that the restaurant offers a vegan buffet in the weekend, so was looking forward to that! It was also noted on the banner on the wall of the restaurant (buffet for 15€). We were here for lunch on a Sunday. There was no buffet unfortunately, maybe that had to do with Covid restrictions?

banner vegan buffet, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld

The menu is fairly extensive though, so it was hard to choose! Lots of dishes. Most mock meats.

part of menu, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld
menu, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld

We had a soup, crispy duck and prawns. The peanut sauce with the praws was not really my cup of tea. All in all a bit too greasy food (also the soup).

soup (rather greasy), Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld
crispy ‘duck’, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld
vegan ‘prawns’, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld

Friendly service. Bright and spacious place. Stairs to get in, did not see an accessible entrance. Toilets at the back- didn’t see an accessible toilet.

interior, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld
toilets, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
menu, Veggie Delicious, Bielefeld

Fairly cheap: we had the soup, crispy duck and praws (main dishes 12euro) and two non-alcoholic drinks for 40 euro.

Veggie Delicious, location

Otto-Brenner-Straße 112
33607 Bielefeld

website: http://veggiedelicious.de/

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