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#199 Nice vegan lunch from the buffet at Tibits, London

restaurant review #199 – Tibits is an international vegetarian restaurant chain. There are several locations in Switzerland, and also two restaurants in London (in Soho and near Waterloo station). We went to the one on Bankside (Waterloo station) a couple of months ago, for lunch.

Front with entrance and terrace of Tibits, London

Tibits offers a buffet, where you can choose yourself, and one pays at the counter (where you also get your drinks). Price is per weight of food on your plate.
The buffet was quite varied, and the vegan options are clearly labelled (seemed that most of the buffet was vegan). Lots of choice!

part of buffet at Tibits, London

nutritional info chart, Tibits, London

fresh juice, Tibits, London

a selection of the buffet on plate, Tibits, London

a selection on the buffet on plate for lunch, Tibits, London

There’s also a buffet with several vegan desserts. We had a vegan raspberry pie and a chocolate and pear cake. Delicious!

part of dessert buffet, Tibits, London

desserts, Tibits, London

laté for dessert, Tibits, London

I don’t remember the exact prices, but it was somewhat on the expensive side though (it is the city centre of London afterall).

There was a relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of space inside the restaurant. Not crammed together like we have encountered at many other London restaurants. There’s also a nice veranda room at the back, which is bright and spacious.

interior, Tibits, London

interior, Tibits, London

There is and accessible toilet at the back, and other toilets downstairs. Toilets were clean and tidy.

Accessible toilet at Tibits, London. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Toilets downstairs, Tibits, London

As to accessibility: there are several steps to get in, and we did not see a sign or notice that we could ask for a ramp or lift. Fortunately I can still walk so I got up up and my husband carried my wheelchair inside.
When we wanted to leave the restaurant, we asked whether there was a possibility to get out another way – whether there is an accessible entrance? (because it seemed strange to me that there is an accessible toilet on ground floor, but no accessible entrance?). After having asked some staff, a lady who seemed to be the manager came and asked how I got in (‘must have been a miracle?‘) and said that they had to get out and install a lift (and was seemingly a bit annoyed).  So we just left as we came in, I got up and my husband carried the wheelchair out.
A pity that it is not standardly accessible, and some help would have been appreciated.
Maybe put up a sign about accessibility, and that a lift is available on demand? (if there was such a sign, we missed it).

there’s also a veranda at the back, Tibits, London

All in all: nice lunch, great food, good atmosphere, although somewhat expensive.

Tibits, location
124 Southwark Street
SE1 0SW, London


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  1. oh that’s unfortunate the way they reacted to your access request/question. FYI – On Tuesdays, the buffet boat is all vegan, but they still serve dairy products from the counter.

  2. Heide says

    How terrible that it was so difficult for you to get into an otherwise lovely restaurant, Trudi — but I’m glad you didn’t let it sour you on the experience. The food you photographed looks wonderful!

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