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#198 Quick lunch at vegan feminist center La Raposa, Barcelona

restaurant review #198 – La Raposa is a vegan feminist community center (with book store) and bar/resto, near Parc Mont Juic in Barcelona (more reviews of Barcelona HERE). This is from a visit to La Raposa a couple of months ago (beginning 2018).
We visited after going to nearby Parc Mont Juic. There are not a lot of vegan (friendly) places in the area, so we were excited to visit this vegan feminist meeting bar/place! Yeah!

front of La Raposa, Barcelona

Bar with barstools, menu on chalkboard on the left, La Raposa, Barcelona

Our enthousiasm was a bit tempered after entering though. The menu is written on chalkboard next to bar (in Spanish – or Catalunyan). We were addressed in Spanish (or Catalunyan), and as we didn’t understand, asked whether they spoke English, but got a rather annoyed roll of the eyes and sigh back. In our best Spanish-ish, we did manage to order some drinks and hummus and a plat du jour, which was with pasta. The burger was not available that day.
The food was very nice (and cheap). The hummus came with bread and some crackers. The plat du jour was not a large portion, but was with lovely sauce and delicious.

Hummus with bread and crackers, La Raposa, Barcelona

plat du jour, pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms, La Raposa, Barcelona

We could only sit at a very small table in the front, as the back room was set up for dinner (or a meeting?). The benches at the table were not really comfortable.

In the middle section of La Raposa, there is a room with a nice collection of books (All in Spanish -or Catalunyan), and T-shirts. I also saw a Spanish translation of Carol Adams’ The sexual Politics of Meat. There were also some other things for sale (like what seemed vegan sex toys?).

front area of La Raposa, Barcelona

middle room with books, T-shirts, vegan belts, … La Raposa, Barcelona

middle room with T-shirts, books, … La Raposa, Barcelona

books at La Raposa, Barcelona

Spanish version of the sexual politics of meat, La Raposa, Barcelona

Toilets were clean and on ground floor.

Toilets at La Raposa, Barcelona. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

All in all: the food was very nice and cheap. But the reserved (and hostile?) atmosphere kinda killed it and we would probably not visit again. Would have loved to learn more about the collective and the projects they do, but we did not feel welcome.

La Raposa, location
Tapioles 47, Barcelona
Spain 08004


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view at the city from Parc Mont Juic, Barcelona

stairs with fountain, Parc Montjuic, Barcelona

view at the city from Parc Mont Juic, Barcelona

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