#197 Loved it! Lunch (twice!) at vegan resto Wulf & Lamb, London

restaurant review #197 – Wulf & Lamb is a vegan restaurant in the city center of London. It is located south of Hyde park, about a 10 minute walk south from shopping gigant Harrods and west from Buckingham Palace (just mentionning these as a geographical reference, not as an endorsement of any kind ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).
We went here twice during our trip to London a couple of months ago (Spring 2018).

Front, Wulf & Lamb, London
Interior, Wulf & Lamb, London

There are only a handfull of places downstairs (some tables, and a bar-like area with higher chairs). There’s also an upstairs area, but that was not accessible (did not see an elevator, only stairs).
The interior is bright and stylish, very modern and everything seemed new.
The menu is noted on the large boards above the counter. When we arrived for lunch the first time, the breakfast menu was still up, but was soon changed into the lunch menu. One goes up to the counter to place an order, pays at the counter, and then the food is served at your table.

part of menu, Wulf & Lamb, London

So much choice! It was hard to make a pick.
We went here twice for lunch, and this is what we had: (see descriptions photos).

Spicey Veg Burger (ยฃ14,95), Wulf & Lamb, London
Wulf pie: Lentil stew with mashed potatoes (ยฃ12,95), Wulf & Lamb, London
vegan mac n cheese on the side (ยฃ5,95), Wulf & Lamb, London
vegan mac n cheese (ยฃ5,95), divine! Wulf & Lamb, London
Creamy linguini: pasta with brussels sprouts and white wine cheese sauce (ยฃ11,95), Wulf & Lamb, London
Burger (ยฃ14,95), Wulf & Lamb, London

Plenty of choice for dessert too!

cakes at counter, Wulf & Lamb, London
donuts etc at counter, Wulf & Lamb, London
cake for dessert, Wulf & Lamb, London
shared dessert, with tiramisu and aquafaba meringues, Wulf & Lamb, London

Toilet was clean and accessible (only one toilet for the whole place though?). On ground floor.

three elegant red signs/figures on a white background. male - female - wheelchair
Signs at door of toilet, Wulf & Lamb, London
red tiles, white toilet, flowers in wall, white sink at wheelchair level with large mirror above it
Accessible toilet at Wulf & Lamb, London. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
Counter at Wulf & Lamb with menu above it, London

All in all: We loved it! Foodwise: definitely recommended. Lots of choice, also for dessert! Only pity is the upstairs area isn’t wheelchair accessible (it seems like a much more cosy place than the downstairs area). Prices are a bit steep, but of course this is central London.
Would love to visit again.

Wulf & Lamb, location
0203 948 5999

website:ย http://wulfandlamb.com/

See my lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurantsย in Brugesย andย outside ย Bruges.

Loved the quotes on the coasters (run with the wolves, eat with the lambs).

run with the wolves, eat with the lambs
Royal Albert Hall, after the show, London
inside the Royal Albert Hall, view from upper balcony (Steven Wilson shows 2018), London

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