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#213 The Dutch weedburger at Life Bar, Louvain

restaurant review #213 – Life Bar is an all vegan lunch restaurant in the city center of Leuven (near Brussels). Not so far from the central market square. We visited Life Bar for lunch a couple of weeks ago, in the Fall of 2018.

front with terrace, Life Bar, Louvain

counter with menu, Life Bar, Louvain

The menu is noted on a board above the counter and a menu card was also brough to our table.
One orders at the counter, and there you also get your drinks. The food is brought to the table.

menu, Life Bar, Louvain

menu, Life Bar, Louvain

We had the Dutch weedburger (9,50€), and a soup (it was leek soup) with a slice of bread (5€).
We have eaten the Dutch weedburger on many occasions before, and I quite like the taste and texture!

Drinks (4,50€ + 4€) at Life Bar, Louvain

The Dutch Weedburger, Life Bar, Louvain

Leek soup with slice of bread, Life Bar, Louvain

Life Bar is a cosy little place. Everything seemed newly renovated, and all was clean. Terrace out front.
Reserved but friendly service.
About accessibility: the restaurant is on ground level. There’s a small step to get inside. Toilets are on ground floor, but there is no accessible toilet.
Toilets were clean and tidy. One damp towel to dry ones hands though.

seating area with stools at window, Life Bar, Louvain

interior, Life Bar, Louvain

Toilets at Life Bar, Louvain. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

LIFE. letters with plants, Life Bar, Louvain

All in all: we had a nice light lunch!

Life bar, location
Parijsstraat 48
3000 Leuven
No tel


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terrace, Life Bar, Leuven

Leuven, houses on Market



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