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#212 Disappointing fastfood at vegan hipster place By Chloe, London

restaurant review #212 – By Chloe is an American chain of vegan fastfood restaurants. It has two locations in London. We went to the one in the Theater district (Covent Garden) during our last London trip (to visit VegfestUK).

front of By Chloe, Covent Garden, London

interior, By Chloe, Covent Garden, London

By Chloe is selfservice (order at counter, go pick your food up at counter, and clean up yourself). People at the counter were very friendly.

menu, sorry about the lighting, it was very dark in the area where we were seated, By Chloe, Covent Garden, London

We had the meat balls with pesto (£9,60), and toast with smashed avocado, cauliflower and radish (£8,40). That was a very awkward tasting combination. Fries on the side were airfried (£4).

Cauliflower, with radish, By Chloe, Covent Garden, London

Meat balls with pesto, By Chloe, Covent Garden, London

I was amazed by the amount of waste that was produced in the restaurant (also a lot of plastic). Not really big portions too, and all in all quite expensive.
We found the seatings to be very uncomfortable, and there was loud music. Nice 70’s-80’s music though, I think we were the only ones at the restaurant who were actually around when this music was aired on the radio (lots of millenials on the tables around us) 😉.
The place was not so clean (uncleaned tables, food on chairs).

No pic of the toilets this time, didn’t visit.

Interior, on the side, By Chloe, Covent Garden, London

All in all: Overpriced and overrated. The interior is instagram worthy, but disappointing food and overall experience. Wish we had gone to the vegetarian Indian place around the corner.

By Chloe Covent Garden, location
Drury House
34-43 Russels Street
WC2B 5HA London


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yes, it’s a nice instagram worthy feature, “Guac Save the Queen in purple lights on wall”, By Chloe, Covent Garden, London

Trafalgar Square, London




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  1. That’s a shame. I’ve been to two of the By Chloe restaurants in New York and they were both good (quality of food, speed of service, cleanliness etc).
    I had a mental note to go to the one in London next time I was there, but maybe I’ll forget that idea now.

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