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Delicious food and inspirational talks at VegfestUK, London 2018

A couple of weeks ago at the end of October, we went to VegfestUK, a vegan festival which is held annually in London at the Olympia. We had already visited VegfestUK in 2016, and were really impressed by its scale and the intersectionality conference which was held then. The festival not only houses nearly 300 stalls (food, body and care products, organisations, etc) but there are also dozens of presentations, on a wide range of topics: from health to veganic gardening, from radical veganism to bodybuilding, or environmental aspects to animal rights. Really interesting!

We ate a lot, we bought some products that were new for us, and we listened to a lot of inspiring talks! And meeting up with friends and getting to know new people!

Here is an overview with a selection of pics from the weekend:

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I also gave a presentation, in the Justice room: Ableism, bodyshaming and health shaming. On intersections and inclusiveness. (Geertrui Cazaux). I Previously posted an introduction to that talk here .
It took me a while to get the video from my presentation edited (still learning my way in the video editing program!), but here it is!
Video has English subtitles (click on the subtitles icon in Youtube)

Poster with announcement of talks in the Justice Room at VegfestUK, 2018

It was a great weekend. I was dead tired afterwards, but it was so inspiring and a gave a great motivational boost 🙂

VegFest London 2018location
at: Olympia London,
Hammersmith Road,
London W14 8UX
United Kingdom






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