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A vegan waffle place in Brussels: Veganwaf’

Shop review #56 – This new vegan waffle place just opened a couple of days ago. VeganWaf’ is not a tea room or restaurant where one can sit down, but a walk in food stall in the Galerie Agora, near the Central Market. On ground level, about 20 meter from the entrance.
We were there on the first day it opened.

front of VeganWaf’, Brussels

VeganWaf’ only offers one type of waffle, which resembles the Liegeois type of waffle (sugary waffle). Waffles are gluten free and vegan and cost 3,50€ On the opening day, they only offerend banana or chocolate sauce as a topping, but I’ve seen that meanwhile they have added some more options.

Waffle with chocolate sauce, VeganWaf’, Brussels

Waffles at VeganWaf’, Brussels

We loved the waffles! Great to have this new addition in the city center of Brussels.

VeganWaf’, location
GalerieAgora 48
1000 Brussels

no website

De Beurs, La Bourse, The Stock Exchange, with christmas lights


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