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#236 Vegan vol-au-vent and cheeze croquettes at Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

restaurant review #236 – Bistro Denderend Lekker is located in Aalst, just a 5 minute walk from the central market square. We were here for lunch on a weekday, and sat on the spacious terrace in front of the restaurant.

Front with terrace, Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

Vegan options are clearly noted on the menu as such. There are some vegan appetizers like vegan cheeezeballs, spring rolls, dumplings… The main dishes include wrap, cheezecroquettes, chili sin carne, vegan vol-au-vent, …

We had the vegan cheeze croquettes (one can choose to have one piece, or 2 or 3 pieces which is nice, you could also have it as an appetizer) with sweet potato fries as an extra side dish. And the vegan vol-au-vent which comes with sweet potato fries. There are also vegan sauces to choose from (the veganaise was out that day, so we had garlic sauce).

vegan vol-au-vent with sweet potato fries, Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

vegan cheese croquettes, Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

a portion of sweet potato fries on the side, Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

The cheese croquettes were nice, a bit to much peppered though. The vol-au vegan also tasted very good.

Service was friendly and timely.
There are also vegan desserts available (e.g. pancakes), but we wanted to go to Vegan Mania for dessert (which turned out to be closed unfortuately!).

Toilets at Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior, Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

Nice to have this place in Aalst with a good offer of vegan options. If it were closer to home, I would definitely visit often.

Bistro Denderend Lekker, location
Vredeplein 15
9300 Aalst

website: http://www.bistrodenderendlekker.be/

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View from the terrace at the sqaure in front of Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst


vegan cheese croquettes, Bistro Denderend Lekker, Aalst

market, Aalst

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