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#62 Buffet at vegan restaurant Moonfood in Brussels **

Restaurant review #62 – Moonfood is a organic vegan restaurant in the city center of Brussels, just a 5 minute walk from the main Central train station. It opened in the beginning of 2015. Moonfood started out as a raw food restaurant, but there is now also a hot buffet.
We had planned a visit to Moonfood in the Spring of 2015, but despite having received confirmation by mail that the restaurant would be open that day, we arrived … at a closed door. Bummer!
Second try in the Fall of 2015, and luckily this time it was open! We went on a weekday at about 5PM and worked our way uphill to the restaurant, against the constant stream of commuters on their way to the Central station, going home.

— UPDATE — see below

vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels

vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels

vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels, interior

vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels, spacious interior

The place is very spacious, with heigh ceilings and tables widely spread across the restaurant. Lots of incoming light from the wall to wall windows. The interior breathes a ‘natural’ feel, with lots of wood and branches of trees (btw, although conspicuously looking like leather, the chairs are not made from leather, we asked ;-).
When we visited, there was only one other table occupied, so plenty of room. The self service area with the buffet and drinks is at the entrance, the restaurant room is upstairs on the side.

buffet @ vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels

buffet @ vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels

buffet @ vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels

buffet @ vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels

Price is according to the weight of your dish: 2,70€ per 100gram. These two dishes below were 26,59€ (so about 13€ for a main dish). There was no ticket for the soup, so I don’t recall whether it was included in the price of the buffet, or billed seperately.
For dessert we had a cherries cake and a sanddoorn berries cake (5€ each).

Soup (don't remember the price)

Soup (don’t remember the price)

dish with variety from the buffet, Moonfood, Brussels

dish with variety from the buffet, Moonfood, Brussels

dish with variety from the buffet, Moonfood, Brussels

dish with variety from the buffet, Moonfood, Brussels

vegan desserts at Moonfood, Brussels

vegan desserts at Moonfood, Brussels, 5€ each

We liked the food, but there was not that much food left in the buffet (you can see on the photos nearly all plates were as good as empty, although it was only 5PM and they are open till 8PM) It felt like we were having ‘leftovers’. Most things from the hot buffet were also cold, or only luke warm. Pity.
Reasonably priced (everything is organic, on the other hand, it is self service, so that should lower prices a bit).
Nice bright decor. Some not so easy steps to take in between the buffet area and the restaurant (especially holding a plate with a main dish, soup and drinks on it!).
Toilets are downstairs, the stairs leading to the toilets seemed very dirty (I think mainly because it is untreated wood?), dito for the toilet floor, which gave it a not so tidy impression.

Overall: we would like to visit Moonfood again (especially since there are not that many vegan (friendly) places in Brussels, but perhaps we would try to go for lunch next time, when hopefully the buffet is better supplemented.

Moonfood, location
Koloniënstraat 58
1000 Brussels
+32(0)2/303 43 32



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vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels

vegan restaurant Moonfood, Brussels

Moonfood, toilets downstairs

Moonfood, toilets downstairs (in recent reviews, I try to include a pic of the bathroom, as it also determines the overall impression of the place)

interior, Moonfood, Brussels

interior, Moonfood, Brussels

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  1. Dirk B says

    Thank you for the fine review. I went to Moonfood last October for a late business lunch (2pm). There was still a lot of food to choose from and I thought the dishes were very original and had a lot of taste. My impression was that the food was certainly not cheap. But I am prepared to pay a bit more for organic food with original flavours. The restaurant also serves a variety of delicious coffees and teas. In late afternoon you can find people reading newspapers and sipping coffee. I will certainly come back!

  2. Thx 4 sharing! t Zag er inderdaad niet zo’n rijkelijk gevuld buffet uit en al zeker niet als jullie de enige waren met slechts nog één ander tafeltje… Zoiets moet toch steeds aangevuld zijn ook al zijn er weinig eters… Dirk B heeft precies destijds beter gevaren dus hangt het precies een beetje af van het ‘juiste’ tijdstip? Het mistroostig sanitair was inderdaad ferm in schril contrast met het interieur van het restaurant dat mooi en zen oogt… Voorlopig terughoudend over Moonfood na jullie blogje… grtjs, vanessa

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