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#305 Stylish decor but overpriced food, Maison Mathis, Hasselt

restaurant review #305 – Maison Mathis is a trendy restaurant along the canal in Hasselt. There is a seperate vegan section listed on the menu.

large front terrace, along the canal, Maison Mathis, Hasselt
vegan section on menu, Maison Mathis, Hasselt

We had dinner at Maison Mathis a couple of months ago, in the Summer. We ordered a vegan pizza (16,5€) and the vegan dish with green asparagus (21€).

Fresh juice, 5,20€.
vegan pizza (16,5€), Maison Mathis, Hasselt
Dish with green asparagus (21€), Maison Mathis, Hasselt


Bread on the side came with butter, Maison Mathis, Hasselt

Ten years ago I would have been over the moon with a restaurant offering vegan dishes, and especially the fact that they mention them seperately on the menu. I’m still happy with the fact they cater for vegans, but found it culinairy somewhat disappointing. Especially at that price.

Most dishes seem to be a variation of the same food: roasted/baked vegetables. Vegetables on pizza, vegetables on plate, … The vegan cheeze dollops were a nice addition, but all in all we weren’t really excited.
It was also very unhandy that the pizza crust was uncut and really difficult to slice it with the available knife. Pfew!

And way overpriced. 21€ for a dish of vegetables is simply too much.
I guess one pays for the stylish interior and the location (at the former docks – canal).

Nice interior, Maison Mathis, Hasselt
interior, Maison Mathis, Hasselt

Another thing: we hadn’t made a reservation but arrived very early (around 5.30pm and were ‘granted’ a table for two inside. The impression they seemed to give is that we should consider ourselves ‘lucky’ that we were offered a table. We were seated just next to the entrance, at the window. This also meant we were at the back of a counter on the other side of the window, and couldn’t actually see anything outside. Not a really enjoyable place.
And why? By the time we left, the restaurant was still more than half empty … During our dinner, the waiters were rather unattentive and mostly seemed to ignore us. It wasn’t nice. So didn’t fancy at all inquiring about vegan dessert (no idea if they have any).

we were seated right behind a counter, not very nice, Maison Mathis, Hasselt
very posh toilets downstairs, Maison Mathis, Hasselt – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

All in all: glad they offer some vegan options, but not culinairy exciting. Way overpriced (fancy decor though).

Maison Mathis, location

Slachthuiskaai 7C
3500 Hasselt
+32 11 23 06 56

website: https://maison-mathis.be/

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