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#259 Voluminous fastfood lunch at Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

restaurant review #259 – Vegan Heroes is a vegan popup restaurant and is situated in a setting near the station of Tilburg (the Netherlands), sharing the place with some other start up restos (non-vegan). If their start up goes fine, they plan on opening a permanent restaurant in Tilburg. Vegan Heroes also has a setting in Eindhoven.

Front of Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

Shared space with other restais and bar, Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

So for now Vegan Heroes shares the place with some other (non-vegan) pop ups. You can have your food on site or as take away. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and it’s a nice spacious place. Drinks are to be ordered seperately from the bar.

information about Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

The menu is very colourful and extensive! It was hard to choose! We are not used to having so many options!

part of menu at Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

part of menu at Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

part of menu at Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

We had a burger, loaded fries, onion rings, a hotdog and fries, with sauces on the side.
We didn’t have to wait long for our food to be brought to our table (there was also nonbody else there) and the girl serving us was friendly (although somewhat timid).

our voliminous lunch at Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

Burger at Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

Hot dog, Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

Onion rings and loaded fries, Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

We ordered way too much! But we took the rest with us (the food comes in handy take away boxes – no plastic btw, bonus points for that).
Very reasonably priced (burgers are around 10€ and hotdogs around 5€).

Toilets were very clean. I didn’t see an accessible toilet. Peculiar feature: there was no mirror, but an inscriptions on the wall stating “you are already beautiful”.

Toilets at Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL) Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Note: this location is not accessible (several steps to get in). Hope they will keep that in mind when looking for their own place in Tilburg in a couple of months.

Interior, Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

All in all: we loved the food (although this is not something that I eat every day, or even every month 😉 ).

Vegan Heroes, location
5038 CC Tilburg
Spoorlaan 350
the Netherlands
06 12570779

website: https://veganheroes.nl/

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nice chandelier 🙂 Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

interior, Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)

logo Vegan Heroes, Tilburg (NL)



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