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#14 – Restaurant Gember & Sereh, Tilburg (Nl) ****

Restaurant review #14 – Gember & Sereh is an Indonesian restaurant in the center of Tilburg. It is located just around the corner from the concert hall 013.
Tilburg is a small but vibrant university city in the south of the Netherlands. It’s 166 km from Bruges.

We went to Gember & Sereh in the late afternoon, before going to a concert at the 013.  They have several vegetarian options available, and we explicitly asked to have any items with eggs or dairy (or any other animal ingredients) be left out. No problem.
We had the sates with tofu (tahu) at 17,50€ and the nasi rames veg (15,75€), a kind of mini rice table dish with different preparations. Both came with plain white rice (one of us asked for rice noodles, but some time after ordering someone from the kitchen said the rice noodles weren’t available at that point yet).
It took some time, nearly an hour (I guess the kicthen had just started up) but we enjoyed the food. Typical Indonesian style (eg. peanut sauce) which we both like a lot. Didn’t have a look at the desserts, so don’t know whether they have something vegan available.

Gember & Sereh, Tilburg (Netherlands)

Gember & Sereh, Tilburg (Netherlands)

Sate tahu, 17,50€

Sate tahu, 17,50€

Nasi Rames Veg, 15,75€

Nasi Rames Veg, 15,75€

Here are some other places in Tilburg which may be of interest to vegans:

  • Ekoplaza Tilburg: organic supermarket with vegan items available, 5-10 min walk from city center
  • Jade: Chinese Asian restaurant Jade, nearby railway station. There appear to be some vegan options on the menu
  • Jasmine Thai: possibly vegan options available
  • Pino’s wereld eetcafé: World cafe, close to railway station. Someone mentioned in a FB group they had a vegan meal here
  • Waanzinnig:  Located where there used to be the vegetarian restaurant De Iemme. No longer vegetarian, but apparently still vegan options available. Social work project.
  • Sarban: Afghan restaurant, possibly vegan options (info from post in FB group)
  • L’Orangerie: next to 013, nothing vegan available, but vegan possible when requested in advance (info from post in FB group)
  • La Trappe: Trappist brewery (beer) just outside the city center, vegan friendly according to barnivore.com. guided tour possible

Gember & Sereh, location
Korte heuvel
5038 CN Tilburg, Netherlands

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and around Bruges

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