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#310 Nice dinner at vegan resto Lento, Hasselt

restaurant review #310 – Lento is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Hasselt (Limburg, BE). We were here a couple of months ago, in the Summer, when we spent some days in Limburg.

front and outdoor seating, Lento, Hasselt

There was no a la carte dining, but we could choose between a 3 course (28€ pp.) and a 4 course menu (32 euro pp.). We choose the 3-course menu, and had different dishes between the two of us for each plate.

menu June – July 2021, Lento, Hasselt
mocktail with grapefruit and vanilla, Lovely!, Lento, Hasselt
small appetizer, Lento, Hasselt
first course, cucumber with homemade vegan cream cheeze and gooseberry, Lento, Hasselt
first course, Fennel soup with black olive crumble, Lento, Hasselt
main course, Lento, Hasselt
main course, Lento, Hasselt
dessert, Lento, Hasselt
dessert, Lento, Hasselt

Nice food, original, and very reasonably priced, at 28 euro per person this is actually quite cheap (for a starter/soup , main dish and dessert). Especially since it’s not the classic ‘wrap’ ‘burger’ or ‘salad’ type of food.

We had a lovely dinner. The food was nice and service was friendly. The restaurant is divided into several smaller rooms and it did feel a bit crowded though (tables very close to each other, which does feel awkward, especially in COVID times).

one of the restaurant rooms (after the guests had left), Lento, Hasselt
toilet, Lento, Hasselt – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Restaurant is on ground floor, toilet is also on ground floor. Did not see an accessible toilet. Toilet was clean and tidy.

What was a bit frustrating is that there was quite a mix up with our reservation. I made a reservation by telephone in the morning and that was OK. Then in the afternoon I got a call back that they had made a mistake and were actually fully booked. Then another hour later I again got a call that we could go for dinner. Strange.
But glad we made it there in the end 😄

All in all: we had a nice dinner. Really good value for money.

Lento, location

Zuivelmarkt 34
3500 Hasselt

website: https://restaurantlento.be/

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at a garden center in Hasselt, I love cacti 🙂

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