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#161 Vegan burgers and more at Flooh’s, Roeselare

restaurant review #161 – Flooh’s is a burger – fastfood type restaurant in the city center of Roeselare. Flooh’s has several vegan options (or vegetarian dishes that can easily be veganised) standardly available.
We were here a couple of weeks ago for lunch.

Front Flooh’s, Roeselare

menu on chalkboard at counter, Flooh’s, Roeselare

interior, 2nd floor, Flooh’s, Roeselare

The ground level isn’t really big with the counter (where you order) and some bar stools to sit at, but besides that, the restaurant has two upstairs floors , with plenty of seating places. It’s a nicely renovated place, bright and modern interior.

Chalkboard with menu, Flooh’s, Roeselare

Vegan options are indicated on the large chalkboard at the counter. One standard vegan burger (the Bizarro), and three that can be veganised. Fries are baked seperatedly, in vegetable oil. Bread buns were said to be vegan (brown or white bun option). The lady running the place was very knowledgeable about ingredients and what vegan means, as she said to be vegan herself. Which was reassuring!

We placed our order and went upstairs, to the second floor. Our food was said to be brought to the table (good thing, because I would have had some trouble on those round stairs going up!).  We sat at the window, with a nice view on the street. A relaxed lunch, in comfortable chairs 🙂

We had the vegan burger and the ‘chicken’ schnitzel. With some fried onion rings on the side, and parsnip and carrot fries (the sweet poptato was sold out). With three vegan sauses! For drinks we had some sparkling water and ice tea.
The burgers were great. Nice presentation too! We didn’t really fancy the parnsip and carrot fries, they were a bit chewy.

Our lunch was 34,10€ in totaal, which we found very good value for money!

peanuts, Flooh’s, Roeselare. Great idea to have the peanuts in such tiny bottles!

lunch at Flooh’s, Roeselare

onion rings on the side, Flooh’s, Roeselare

our lunch at Flooh’s, Roeselare


looking into the street from the second floor, Flooh’s, Roeselare

Toilets were spotlessly clean and tidy. Nice decor. Paper towels to dry one’s hands. Upstairs though, on 2nd floor.

Toilets at Flooh’s, Roeselare

All in all we had a lovely lunch! Very friendly people.
Great to see vegan options on the rise in Roeselare. Flooh’s is definitely recommended and we surely want to visit again!

Flooh’s, location
Delaerestraat 21


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central Square, Roeselare



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