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#251 Banana Icecream at Rawsome, Arnhem (NL) – CLOSED

restaurant review #251 – Rawsome is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Arnhem. Well, it WAS, I just found out that they closed shortly after we visited a couple of months ago (June 2019). I’m posting my experience here anyway, if only for archieval reasons for myself!

Front of Rawsome, Arnhem(NL)

counter, Rawsome, Arnhem(NL)

interior, Rawsome, Arnhem(NL)

menu on chalkboard inside, Rawsome, Arnhem(NL)

We were here in the afernoon and only stopped by to have a dessert: a banana icecream with chocolate sauce (6€) and an ice coffee (4,50€). We sat on the terrace on the little square in front of the restaurant.

banana icecream and ice coffee, Rawsome, Arnhem(NL)

Both the icecream and the icecoffee were nice. Had hoped the chocolate sauce would have been heated a bit, but it was cold (I realise it’s a rawfood restaurant, but making it lukewarm would have made it more enjoyable).

It seemed like a nice relaxed place. Pity it closed!

Rawsome, location
Brouwersplein 7
6811 BL Arnhem
the Nederlands
 +31 26 785 1996

website: https://rawsome.nl/

CLOSED June 2019

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vegan pies, Rawsome, Arnhem(NL)

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