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#168 Vegan options at The Sister, Brussels

restaurant review #168 – The Sister is a small cafe in the heart of Brussels, in an alley leading to the Grand Place (the central market place, where the city hall is). The alley is called the ‘Vlees & Broodstraat’ by the way (the meat and bread street).
The Sister has a nice selection of vegan options, clearly indicated on the menu. The café also offers a wide variety of Belgian beers.

front with terrace, The Sister, Brussels

interior, The Sister Café, Brussels

Counter, The Sister, Brussels

interior at the back, The Sister, Brussels

Here is a part of the menu, with vegan options clearly indicated:

menu, part of vegan options , The Sister, Brussels

beer menu The Sister, Brussels

We were here for an early dinner, before going to a music show at the nearby Ancienne Belgique. This is what we had:

  • sesame lentil falafel, comes with soup (12€)
  • sweet wrap (6€)

Nice selection of Belgian beers, Jessenhofke Tripel, 4,50€, The Sister Café, Brussels

our dinner (12€ + 6€) at The Sister Café, Brussels

We had very mixed feelings about the food. The sweet wrap was very cheap (6€), but this was not the ‘hearty’ sweet wrap that I had in mind when ordering. It came on a sort of cabbage or lettuce leaf, and was hardly ‘wrapped’ at all, but held together with a string. A strange combination with the sweet peanut butter sauce.
The sesame lentil falafels were also placed on a leaf, and came with a tiny cup of soup. The falafels were unfortunately extremely dry. So we felt 12€ was somewhat overpriced.

Service was also rather mixed: the lady of the house was very friendly and welcoming, the bearded hipster wasn’t very much. We were considering ordering a waffle afterwards (yeah, vegan waffles!). After nobody had noticed our table for a long while, I decided to go order myself at the bar, but after being ignored by him, we decided to pay and leave.

vegan waffles on the menu! Yeah!, The Sister, Brussels

interior, The Sister, Brussels

Didn’t visit the toilet on this visit to The Sister, so no pic of the toilet in this review (if I remember correctly it was stairs going up or down though, so not accessible).

The food wasn’t really pairing with our taste buds, but I do want to visit again, to try some of the other options from the menu. And as it is in the heart of Brussels, I’m sure we will visit again one day.

The Sister, location
Vlees-en Broodstraat 3
1000 Brussel


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City Hall, Grand Place, Brussels

Grand Place, Brussels

Reading material: Julia Feliz Brueck: Veganism in an oppressive world.



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