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#167 Nice vegan lunch at the harbour, The Green Spot, Barcelona

restaurant review #167 – The Green Spot is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Barcelona. It is located near the harbour, also not far from the Catalunyan Parliament (in the Parc de la Ciutadella).
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Parliament, Barcelona

Entrance at the Carrer de la Reina Christina, The Green Spot, Barcelona

interior, The Green Spot, Barcelona

Entrance at Pas de La Sota Muralla, The Green Spot, Barcelona

The restaurants covers the whole downstairs area of the building and there are entrances both at the Carrerde la Reina Christina and the Pas de Sota Muralla. I had made an online reservation for lunch, which turned out to be really necessary, as the restaurant soon was filled with guests for lunch.
We sat at the window, with a partial view at the harbour. The restaurant area is a spacious bright room, nicely decorated, with wood like colours dominanting the atmosphere. Seatings were comfortable.

Vegan options are clearly indicated on menu.

menu, The Green Spot, Barcelona

vegan clearly indicated, The Green Spot, Barcelona

This is what we had for lunch:

  • Muhamara (6,50€) red pepper dip with walnuts, served with pita bread and celery
  • Edame beans with chili 7,50€.

The edame beans were ‘fingerfood’ and a bit unhandy and messy to eat (since they were covered in sauce).

edame beans, The Green Spot, Barcelona

Hummus dip, The Green Spot, Barcelona

  • Sweet potato tagliatelli with macademia nut sauce and black truffle (14,25€)
  • Lettuce with sauteed tofu and shiitake. Rice noodles and Korean sauce (10,5€)

Tagliatelli, The Green Spot, Barcelona

lettuce, shitakes, rice noodles, The Green Spot, Barcelona

The lettuce dish came with the instruction to make ‘spingrolls’ myself, with the big lettuce leaves. This turned out to be sheer impossible and quite a messy and unhandy affair, so I just mingled everything together.
The lettuce also could have been ‘trimmed’ a bit more carefully, having block spots on the edges.

rolling it in the salad didn’t work. So I just mingled it 😉 The Green Spot, Barcelona

There are several vegan desserts mentionned on the menu. We had the rhubarb and strawberry crumble (6€) and the carrot cake (5,50€).

Desserts menu, The Green Spot, Barcelona

rhubarb and The Green Spot, Barcelona

carrit cake, The Green Spot, Barcelona

Service was very friendly. A bit slow in the beginning, but then picked up. Courses followed swiftly.
Toilets were very clean, and there’s also a wheelchair accessible toilet (on ground floor).

Toilets at The Green Spot, Barcelona. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Interior, The Green Spot, Barcelona

hall way to entrance at Carrer de la Reina Christina, The Green Spot, Barcelona

We had a very nice lunch, in a nice setting. The food was good (although sometimes a bit unhandy like the edame beans and the lettuce spring rolls).
Good value for money. A bit more expensive when compared to other dining out options in Barcelona, but in relation to Belgian prices, this is this still very cheap!

The Green Spot, location
Carrer de la Reina Christina 12
+34 938 02 55 65


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The Green Spot, Barcelona

near the Harbour, Barcelona

streets of Barcelona

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  1. The food definitely looks amazing!!! I love your reviews! I always pin them so whenever I would be in the neighbourhood, I can refer back, but of course, I can always go directly to your blog, thanks for all your efforts!!! 🙂 You are making me jealous being in Barcelona, I have only driven through, must stop next time and check out these places! 🙂

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