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#166 Very nice lunch at Hashtag Food, Bruges (4)

restaurant review #166 –  Hashtag Food is a restaurant at the edge of Bruges. It is not a vegan restaurant, but they have several vegan options standardly available.  Hashtag Food used to be in the city center, but in the Fall of 2017, the restaurant moved to a quieter area at the edge of the city, near the Scheepsdalebrug.
We have visited Hashtag Food on several occasions throughout the years. Previous reviews of Hashtag Food are here. But this was our first visit to the new location at the Scheepsdalebrug. This review is from a visit at the beginning of this year.

Front of Hashtag Food, Bruges

interior in the back, Hashtag Food, Bruges

menu, vinyl records as placemats, Hashtag Food, Bruges

The new location is a nicely renovated place, with earth and wood like colours dominating the atmosphere. The old vinyl records as placemats have remained. I love the idea, but as a music lover, also have some heartache using vinyl this way!

The menu options have changed somewhat. The only vegan appetizer is a tapas selection. Options to make combinations (eg potatoe wedges on the side) are gone, as it became too difficult to make all sorts of combinations. There are three vegan main courses (all about 19-20€) or you can choose a 3 course vegan menu, and be surprised by the offer of the day. Also note that the menu changes regularly, so the dishes that we had, have meanwhile been replaced by other options! On Thursday the classic lunch (2 courses, soup + main dish 17€) is always vegan.
Al white wines were said to be vegan.

This is what we had for lunch:

  • one portion of vegan tapas for two, 12€
  • Last Summer: vegetables in papillot, with black quinoa and tomatoes, 19€
  • Beeting heart: beet burger, avocado, apple and salad, 20€

Our drinks, Orange juice 5€, Wine caraf 14,50€, Hashtag Food, Bruges

appetizers with drinks, popcorn and olives, Hashtag Food, Bruges

vegan tapas for two: soup, hummus with crackers, blue ‘cheese’, salad and fruits, Hashtag Food, Bruges

Beeting Heart, Hashtag Food, Bruges

Last Summer, Vegetables in papillot, Hashtag Food, Bruges

For dessert we had the chocolate themed dessert (sweet like chocolate 14€), and an apple themed dessert (apple of my eye 12€). Both with homemade vegan meringues (made from aquafaba, chickpea brine). Btw, all desserts at Hashtag Food are vegan! Lovely!

Apple of my eye, Hashtag Food, Bruges

Sweet like chocolate, Hashtag Food, Bruges

cappuccino with coconut foam, with a vegan mini cake, 4,50€, Hashtag Food, Bruges

The tapas was more than enough for the two of us. The homemade hummus was delicious!
The beeting heart was lovely presented. The bread of the burger is also homemade, and was heart shaped, with a beeting heart pulse drawn across the plate. The burger itself is more of a vegetable patty than a real ‘burger’. Nice salad on the side. The other dish (vegetables in papillot) was nice too, but somehow missed some ‘bite’.
The desserts were delicious and also very nicely presented! The desserts are not cheap, but everything, from the meringues to the cake to the chocolate mousse is homemade!

The atmosphere was very enjoyable. Although it was a full house for lunch (definitely make a reservation!) it didn’t feel crowded or wasn’t loud. The interior design is very sober, and yet stylish. We were very comfortable at a table for two in the front of the restaurant. Comfortable chairs (although I don’t know whether they are leather or not, forgot to ask – update – note below*). The only downside was perhaps the cold floor (concrete).

Toilet is in the back, ground floor. Clean and tidy (and love the black!). Individual towels to dry ones hands.
All of the restaurant is on ground floor (there is one large step though at the front of the restaurant at the pavement). No accessible toilet. The double entrance doors were somewhat unhandy to come in, as they turned to each other.

Table for two, Hashtag Food, Bruges

Toilets at Hashtag Food. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

There is also a take away automat outside:

Take away automat outside, Hashtag Food, Bruges

All in all: we had a lovely lunch! Delicious food and nicely presented, with eye for detail. Love the new location at Scheepsdale. And friendly service! We will definitely visit again.

note: the chairs are not with leather 🙂 (see this post on Facebook)

Hashtag Food, location
8000 Brugge


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Menu, Hashtag Food, Bruges


  1. What a cool place, I totally love it, and the presentation of the dishes is amazing!!!! Very creative! 🙂

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