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#38 Our dinner at resto Taj Mahal, De Koog (Texel, NL) ***

Restaurant review #38 – On one of our evenings in Texel, we went for dinner in Indian restaurant Taj Mahal, in De Koog. De Koog is a small village on the western side of the island. Texel is 370km from Bruges, North west of Amsterdam.

restaurant Taj Mahal, De Koog, Texel (NL)

restaurant Taj Mahal, De Koog, Texel (NL)

I did not inquire beforehand whether we could get anything vegan, since this is usually no problem at Indian restaurants. There are several ‘vegetarian’ labelled dishes on the menu at Taj Mahal in De Koog, of which some appear to be vegan. We inquired which dishes would be suitable for us (no eggs, no dairy, ..), and were advised by the waitress.

So we ordered shabji biryani (mixed vegetables with rice and spices, 15,75€) and shabji curry, a curry dish with vegetables (without the cream, 15,25€). And these side dishes: baked vegetables (Shabji Bhajee, 5,25€) and mushrooms with onions, tomatoes and chili (Mushroom Bhajee, 6€).

Dinner soon followed, and the waitress suggested herself that we share the dishes as a sort of ‘rice table’, which was what we were planning to anyway.

two main dishes, two side dishes, and bowl of rice

two main dishes, two side dishes, and rice

dinner at Taj Mahal, Texel

a selection of everything gave a nice variety

Food was good, more than enough. Not really hot. Good thing though we ordered the side dishes, the main dishes on themselves would have been a bit monotone (especially the shabji biryani). But this added to about 21-22€ for one person, which is a bit steep for one main course.
Good to have a place in Texel though, where you can always have a vegan meal, without notification.

Taj Mahal, location
Badweg 2
1796 AA De Koog, Texel
(Texel is 370km from Bruges, North west of Amsterdam)
the Netherlands
+31/222 327 058

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

Cactus next to where we were seated, with an apt warning label: be carefull!



interior Taj Mahal, Texel

interior Taj Mahal, Texel

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