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#277 Quick lunch at Maoz Muntplein, Amsterdam (NL)

restaurant review #277 – Maoz is an international chain of vegan fastfood restaurants, with several locations in Amsterdam. I visited the one in the city center of Amsterdam (Muntplein) last Winter. So this review is from a restaurant visit from before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. You can take all you want from the ‘salad’ bar to pimp your falafel or mushroom bread. Salad or pita bread is only 5,95€. The food is very cheap, but was delicious.

#272 Light lunch at Meatless District (Da Costa), Amsterdam (NL)

restaurant review #272 – Meatless District is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). This review is from a restaurant visit in 2019, so before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. There are two location of Meatless District, one in the soutside of town, and this one in the Da Costa neighbourhood, on the west side of town. We were here for lunch on a weekday. As it was a hot Summer day, we sat on the terrace, in front of the restaurant. Unfortunately it’s a very busy road, with busses and cars driving by instantly.

#252 Pizza with a view: Mediamatic ETEN, Amsterdam (NL)

restaurant review #252 – Mediamatic ETEN is the restaurant of Mediamatic Biotoop, an arts center organising lectures, workshops and art projects, focusing on nature, biotechnology and art+science. It is located in a greenhouse on the waterfront with a nice view over Amsterdam. It is not a vegan restaurant, but they do have a lot of vegan options (on some evenings all vegan) and many vegetables come from their own greenhouse.

Take a look around! Adding travel snapshots to reviews

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to add snapshots of the surroundings to blogposts. So whenever I publish a post with a review of a shop or restaurant, there are now not only photos of the restaurant, but also one or two photos, or even a short video, of the area. A city view, a particular monument, or a spectacular landscape. It gives you an idea of the surroundings (albeit just a glimp), and some of the things we have spotted during our visit to that city or area. And for me it’s also a way of documenting some memories from that particular city trip or visit! Here are some of the pics that were included in recent reviews. Some link to Instagram. View this post on Instagram Biking around Louvain #tandem #castle 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴 #biking #cycling #louvain #leuven #vegancyclist #whatvegansdo #whatspooniesdo #kasteel #castle #kasteelvanarenberg #multicycle #multicycletandem #tandembike #fietsen #duobike A post shared by trudi_brugesvegan (@trudi_brugesvegan) on Sep 5, 2017 at 11:15am PDT View this post on Instagram Biking in Paris 🗼 #paris #tandem #tandembike …

#124 Fancy a double burger? Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

restaurant review #124 – Vegan Junk Food Bar is a new place in Amsterdam (opened Spring 2017). It is located just north of the Vondelpark, overlooking a quiet square. Well the name says it all! It’s all vegan and it’s junkfood! 🙂 There’s a small terrace in front of the restaurant and some beach chairs. When we arrived, all seats were taken, but soon after, some people left from the terrace, and we could sit outside (it was a very hot day in Amsterdam and we were glad to be sitting on the shady terrace!). It is semi self service: one orders at the counter and then the food is brought to your table. This is what we had: a double sumo burger (9,50€, with two burgers, cheese, fried onion rings, lettuce, baked onions and sauce) and the shoama sandwich (8,50€). Two portions of fries on the side, one with mayo and one with garlic sauce (3€ + sauce 0,75€, each). For drinks we had several lemonades and a coke (ranging between 2,50 and 3€) …

A look inside vegan shop and café VegaBond in Amsterdam (NL)

Shop review #18 – Vegabond is an all vegan shop at one of the canals in Amsterdam. It’s not very big, but packed with vegan goodies! Mainly food items, and some books too. Here are some photos to give you an idea of what’s on sale at Vegabond in Amsterdam: You can also order some food, either to take away, or to enjoy there. There aren’t that many seating places though (just a couch and one table), so don’t expect a restaurant style setting. I can imagine that at lunchtime, all the places are taken. We didn’t order any food at vegabond, since we had lunch that day at De Vegetarische Traiteur (about a 10 min walk from vegabond) but this is the menu that was available the day we visited: Limited seating places: You do have a nice view at the typical houses along the canal: If it was closer, I surely would have bought some icecreams to take home! Great selection! I bought some kala namak = black salt (had been looking for this for some time!) and this …