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#277 Quick lunch at Maoz Muntplein, Amsterdam (NL)

restaurant review #277 – Maoz is an international chain of vegan fastfood restaurants, with several locations in Amsterdam. I visited the one in the city center of Amsterdam (Muntplein) last Winter.
So this review is from a restaurant visit from before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started.

You can take all you want from the ‘salad’ bar to pimp your falafel or mushroom bread. Salad or pita bread is only 5,95€. The food is very cheap, but was delicious.

salad bar to choose from, Maoz, Amsterdam (NL)

menu above counter, Maoz, Amsterdam (NL)

pita bread with mushrooms and salad, Maoz, Amsterdam (NL)

This is a really small place, with no comfort, just a handful of stools to sit down on the side. So really more of a take-away restaurant.

I visited in the middle of winter, and the front door was open. As such it was also freezing cold inside.

Maoz Muntplein is unfortunately not accessible. There is one big step to get in.

counter and menu, Maoz, Amsterdam (NL)

NOTE: This review is from a visit before the lockdown, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.

Maoz Muntplein, location

Muntplein 1
1017 CK Amsterdam
the Netherlands
+31 20 420 7435

website: http://www.maozusa.com/restaurants/locations/amsterdam

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