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#39 Our vegan menu at a communion feast in De Baronie, Lovendegem ***

Restaurant review #39 – A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to a banquet for a communion feast, at de Baronie in Lovendegem. Lovendegem is a small village just outside Ghent. The host had specifically asked for a vegan menu for the both of us and had communicated with me about the menu (thank you!). Still, on such occasions we’re always a bit anxious about what we’ll be served, and whether the kitchen has understood what vegan actually means! Especially in a place where there’s nothing vegan available, and the standard menu is full of fish and meat dishes and lots of dairy.
When I arrived at the restaurant, I quickly inquired whether our vegan wishes were noted and the head of the restaurant confirmed it was taken care of.

This is what we got.
Two appetizers (on the first photo you can only see part of it, I had already eaten half before I remembered to take a photo! 😉 )

appetizer with tomatoes

appetizer with tomatoes

appetizer with pancake

appetizer with cucumber and a – possible not vegan – pancake

The starter was with white asparagus, radish, tomatoes and scallions. Nice and fresh.



Main course with dark pasta, green asparagus, spinach, fried vegs and two dots of puree (if I remember correctly creme of brocolli and cauliflower). Good combination and nice variety.

Main course

Main course

Dessert was lemon sorbet and a selection of fresh fruits. Not very inspirational, but I always love a bowl of fresh fruits nonetheless!

lemon sorbet and fresh fruit

lemon sorbet and fresh fruit

All in all a very nice menu!
We both had a slight suspicion that the pancake in the appetizer contained butter, or was maybe baked in butter, as that was a taste we hadn’t experienced in quite a while. So a little bummer about that.
But otherwise we were very happy with the preparations and the variety in each dish. Some additional roasted pinenuts, walnuts or cashews could have given it that little bit extra. But at least it was something different than pasta with stir fried vegetables or a vegetable burger with potatoes! 😉
The times, they seem to be slowly changing!

De Baronie, location
Vaartstraat 36
9920 Lovendegem

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  1. I have to agree with annie lee (nice, it rhymes:)) The dark pasta looks so delicious! Btw, I know the feeling when you have already started eating your dish and then remember that you should have taken a picture…happens a lot to me too 😀

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