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#185 Voluminous lunch at vegan Black Cat Cafe, London

restaurant review #185 – Black Cat is a vegan cafe in Hackney, on the East side of London. It is a workers cooperative. We visited Black Cat Cafe a couple of weeks ago (end of March 2018).

front of Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London

Interior, Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London

Counter, Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London

We arrived at bit before lunch time, and the breakfast menu was still available. We were told we would have to wait a little bit for the lunch menu, which was no problem. About 10 minutes later, the chalk board was erased, and the lunch menu was written on it.

We ordered the ‘beef style burger’ burger, with chunky chips salad (£8,50) and the lentil and sausage casserole, with mashed potatoes (£8,5). And lemonades to drink (no alcohol served).

drinks at Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London. we also got free tap water

burger, salad and chips (£8,50), Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London

Casserole with mashed potatoes (£8,50) Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London

The food was good and both dishes were very large portions. We were too stuffed for desserts, although there were some nice looking cakes at the counter.

Black Cat cafe seemed mostly frequented by locals (not many tourists, like us). Some working on their laptops, but there were also ‘laptop free tables’ (indicated on the tables) for those wishing to have a more relaxed feel.
What we also noticed was a “fur free” sticker at entrance. A bit ambiguous feelings about this, why single out fur, when leather and wool entail just as much animal rights violations?

Unfortunately the restaurant is not accessible: there was one large step to get in, which made it a bit difficult with the wheelchair. Also no accessible toilet (forgot to take a photo of the toilet this time) A pity, since they were closed for renovations earlier. Why not make it accessible at the same time?

Sticket saying: we prefer that you not wear fur, with two images; one of an animal, with a heart next to it, one of a fur coat, with a line through it.

Fur sticker at entrance, Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London

stickers on inside toilet door, Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London

All in all, we had a nice lunch, especially for that price!

Black Cat Cafe, location
76A Clarence Rd,
Hackney, London E5 8HB


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Black cat wall drawing in toilet, Black Cat Cafe, Hackney, London


Hackney Empire and London bus

vegetables at Farmers market Ridley Road, Hackney, London


  1. As you know, it’s one of my fave places in London. I believe they have a ramp that they can put in place to make it accessible. I agree with you about the fur stickers (and protests etc.. No point singling one out. Just makes non vegans even more confused). Anyway, glad you went and liked it.

    • Yes, Black Cat also commented on my FB post that they have a portable ramp available.
      But we didn’t see the ramp, nor did anyone from the staff mention that to us.

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