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#211 Very nice vegan lunch at La Vie, Ostend

restaurant review #211 – La Vie is a restaurant and cocktail bar in the city center of Ostend. It is located in the old Fishermen’s quarter (Vissersplein), in a a renovated place.
I had already mailed before to inquire about vegan options, and was said to be no problem. So a couple of months later, when making the reservation, I e-mailed again to make the reservation. This is from a visit a couple of weeks ago, in the Fall of 2018.

front of restaurant, La Vie Oostende

interior, La Vie Oostende

Chef Joicy was very knowledgeable about ingredients, and made some suggestions of what we could order from the menu – in a veganised version.
We went for the papadums (6,5€) and sushi as appetizers (8€) and the curry (18€) and faijita (16€) as main dishes.
There was vegan icecream available, but we were too stuffed for dessert.

vegan sushi and papadums as appetizers, La Vie Oostende

curry and fajita as main dishes, La Vie, Oostende

curry, La Vie Oostende

faijita, La Vie Oostende

The food was really nice. Freshly prepared, great taste, nice presentation. Service was swift and friendly. The interior also enjoyable (we were seated in the veranda area, which is bright and spacious – the area more inside is with two steps, and a bit darker, and with bar like chairs and higher tables).

A couple of weeks later, I have visited again with a friend, and we also had a nice lunch. And now, La Vie has a seperate menu card available which indicates which dishes can be veganised.

The curry, La Vie, Oostende

Ramen, La Vie, Oostende

Toilets are at the back (not accessible) and were clean and tidy. Do not like the one towel though (my friend told me there was an air dryer to dry one’s hands, but I did not notice that!).

Toilets at La Vie, Oostende. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

menu card La Vie, Oostende

In sum: really enjoyed my visits to La Vie. Very nice to have discovered another place in Ostend that has no problem making fresh, varied and delicious vegan dishes.
Will definitely visit again!

La Vie, location
Kadzandstraat 14
8400 Oostende
059/70 00 27

website: https://www.lavie-oostende.be/

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remains of Sand sculptures on the beach, Ostend



  1. This restaurant looks amazing and the food looks delish!!! The photos are so beautiful as well -thanks for sharing! Happy new year!


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