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#226 Tea at Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

restaurant review #226 – Full Circle Coffee is a vegan tea and coffee house in Ghent. It is located a little bit out of the city center, in between het Zuid and Sint-Anna square.

The interior is nice, spacious and there is also outdoor seating at the back.
There are several vegan cakes and donuts available. One orders at the counter and then your order is brought to you.

Front of Full Circle Coffee, Ghent


vegan pastry at Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

vegan pastry at Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

As I just had lunch, I only ordered a fruit tea (3,90€). For that price I was hoping it would come with a cookie, a chocolate or something. But it was just a pot of tea, so that was a bit of a bummer.

Fruit Tea, Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

Name on wall above counter, Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

Toilet in the middle of the ground floor, not accessible, and very small. Toilet was clean, although a bit shabby.

Toilet at Full Circle Coffee, Ghent. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Magazines etc, Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

I only noticed one couch at the back, and I’m guessing it is a leather Chesterfield, which I do find very strange for a vegan place. Otherwise there were old skoollike chairs and tables, which are not so comfy. Lots of people seemed to come to this place to work on their laptops.

There were also some magazines and books available to read which was nice. Will have to visit again one day to taste the pastry!

Full Circle Coffee, location
Zuidstationstraat 5
9000 Ghent
0479 04 81 97

no website.
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/fullcircleghent

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interior, Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

Chesterfield? Full Circle Coffee, Ghent


  1. veganbythebookblog says

    Vegan tea and coffee shop is a terrific concept, as so few restaurants have vegan desserts. I think your side feature on restaurant toilets is important information, and in your other posts sometimes entertaining.

    • Thank you. I’ve had ridiculing comments about the toilet pics (from priviliged people I guess, who don’t know the importance of information about accessible and clean toilets).
      For me it also gives an indication of the rest of the restaurant (as noted in the post I wrote about it).

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