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#226 Tea at Full Circle Coffee, Ghent

restaurant review #226 – Full Circle Coffee is a vegan tea and coffee house in Ghent. It is located a little bit out of the city center, in between het Zuid and Sint-Anna square. The interior is nice, spacious and there is also outdoor seating at the back. There are several vegan cakes and donuts available. One orders at the counter and then your order is brought to you.

#129 Nice gastronomic dinner at Foodstorms, Ghent

restaurant review #129 – Foodstorms is the catering business of chef Kevin Storms. He hosts a popup restaurant on various locations throughout the year (for example also during the Gentse Feesten, festivities all over the city of Ghent in the Summer). In the Spring of 2017, Foodstorms held a popup restaurant in the city center of Ghent for a couple of weeks, where they also organised gastronomical dinners on selected dates. We went to one of the last gastronomical events on that location, in the St Jacobsnieuwstraat. The popup restaurant was in a place where there used to be cooking workshops. It was now set up with a large communal table in the middle, with barstools, and also a handful of tables for 2 or 4 people on the side. The gastronomic dinner was 50€ for a 5 course menu, prepaid when making the online reservation. This was the menu (see photo) beech muchrooms, avocado, tomato salad ravioli of portobello mushrooms, asparagus, cashews kohlrabi, roasted garlic, garden herbs carrots, blond lentils, fregola, spinach and burnt …

#71 – Vegan cakes and pie at Vero Caffè, Bruges ***

Restaurant review #71 – Vero Caffè is a coffee and tea bar in the city center of Bruges, not far from the central Market Square and the Burg. So far, it’s one of the few places in Bruges where you can order a soy lattè or a vegan hot chocolate. Since a couple of weeks, Vero Caffè also serves vegan cakes and pies on Thursday, made by Marieke from Chez Mariette. Hurray! It was hard to choose from all those delicious looking cakes and pies. I went for the apple pie with a lemon tea. Very nice! The place is bright, spacious, and cosy, and there is also a terrace in front. Chairs are a bit uncomfortable, some cushions on the chairs would be nice and would make it a bit more relaxed (there are some couches in the front though). Service was friendly and quick. Toilet in the back was clean. We sure hope those vegan pies and cakes will become available every day! Vero Caffè, location Sint-Jansplein 9 8000 Brugge / Bruges 050/70.96.09 website: See our lists of …

#33 Our lunch at vegetarian resto Lokaal, Ghent **

Restaurant review #33 – Lokaal is a new vegetarian restaurant/tea house (opened at end of 2014) in the city center of Ghent. It’s about a 5 minute walk from the Kouter, and is located at the corner of the glass alley (red light district). The name Lokaal reveals the restaurant’s concept: using local product (from within Europe) as much as possible. There is always a vegan dish standardly available. In a newspaper article I also read they wanted to grow herbs in the restaurant room and use these in the dishes. Lokaal also offers a couple of dozen sorts of tea. Sounds promising! So we were eager to check it out. Our lunch Options are indicated on the chalk board high up and above in the restaurant. The only thing that wasn’t vegan was said to be the quiche (I specifically asked about the bread and it was said to be vegan). The soup wasn’t red beet soup as indicated, but red cabagge soup. We ordered the soup (4,5€) and then the sandwich with Brussels sprouts and hazelnuts (6€), and the …

My new tea for one pot, bought in Bruges

I had been looking for a nice (and reasonably priced) tea for one pot for some time now. I heard there was a nice little collection for sale at Bakery Lieven, at the edge of Bruges (Sint-Andries, just outside the Smedengate). I bought this one (21€), with the matching cup (8,15€).   Taking a quick look around in the bakery, I realized how long it had been since I had set foot in a traditional bakery.

Tea in a box

I had been looking out for a tea box for some time. Wanted to have the different sorts of tea neatly sorted. I found it pretty unhandy, when wanting to choose a kind of tea or offering it to visitors, to take out all the seperate tea boxes. I found this one at Horeca Totaal, a large shop aimed at food professionals, just outside the city center of Bruges (review of the shop will follow). Pretty happy with this tea box! Tea box Horeca Totaal, 25,41€