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#170 Paninis at vegan lunch bar Mie Vie, Ghent

restaurant review #170 – Mie Vie is a vegan lunch and coffee bar in the city center of Ghent. It is located just next to the Vrijdagsmarkt, on the north side of town. I was here for lunch a couple of weeks ago with a friend.
Afterwards we visited Cat Café Dreamcathers which is just 2 minutes away, where we had vegan brownie (review will follow).

front and entrance, Mie Vie, Ghent

Interior, Mie Vie, Ghent

The website mentions MieVie is a place for “brunch, lunch and sweet hunge”. The menu mentions several sandwiches, paninis, salads, and muffins. One orders at the counter, the food is brough to the table, and when one leaves, pays at the counter.

menu at Mie Vie, Ghent

We both had a juice with apple & mango  (2,40€). And for lunch we had paninis: one with mushrooms and tofu, the other with ‘mozarella’ (each 8€).

juice apple mango, 2,40€, Mie Vie, Ghent

Paninis, Mie Vie, Ghent

panini, Mie Vie, Ghent

panini, Mie Vie, Ghent

homemade muffins, Mie Vie, Ghent

I didn’t visit the toilets at Mie Vie, so have no photo to include here, and don’t know whether it’s accessible (Why do I otherwise include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE ). The restaurant itself is with a rather large step at the front door, and inside there’s another step to reach the back of the restaurant room.
Mie Vie it is not really a big lunch place, and it soon filled up. But it never felt crowded. My friend and I both agreed that the radio was a bit annoying at times (we prefer some easy listening music).

vegan cheese etc for sale, Mie Vie, Ghent

All in all: we had a nice light lunch. Reasonably priced (but if you have a big appetite, you might want to order two paninis). Nice little place, and would definitely visit again when in Ghent.

Mie Vie, location
Serpentstraat 28
9000 Ghent
0499 14 46 64

website: http://www.mievie.be/

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interior,  Mie Vie, Ghent

It was a very somber and rainy day in Ghent. Vrijdagmarkt, near MieVie:

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