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#171 Vegan donuts at Dough Society, London

restaurant review #171 – Dough Society is a vegan donut cafe in the far East of London, in Hackney. It is located in a side alley of Mare Street.

— Update – see below

front of Dough Society, Hackney, London

counter with selection of donuts, Dough Society, Hackney, London

Counte, Dough Society, Hackney, London

Standard donuts are £3, specialties  (labelled with *) are £3,5. I have no idea whether that is considered cheap or expensive (no experience in donuts 😉 ) but it seemed fair value to us.

We ordered two donuts, one with peanut butter and banana, and one with peanut butter and pretzel (both £3,5). And a latte (£2,8).

donuts and latte at Dough Society, Hackney, London

The donuts were very nice! And they were rather big, we could have easily just shared one (seeing that this was meant to be just an in between snack).

Although there was a wall with some plants at the back of the cafe, the atmosphere felt kind of cold and not so cosy. Not so comfortable hard wooden chairs and barstools (some cushions would be nice).
Everything at Dough Society is at ground level, with a no-stepp access. Forgot to take a photo of toilet (why do I otherwise include such a pic?) but it was not accessible, and could have used some cleaning.

at the back of Donut society

Nice to see an all vegan donut cafe. I wish we had one in Bruges!

Dough Society, location
11 Dispensary Lane
E8 1FT London


— update: Unfortunately closed now! 

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

Dough Society, Hackney, London

vegetables at Ridley Road Market, in nearby Dalston

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