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A look inside shop Holland & Barrett, Bruges

Shop review #51 – Holland & Barrett is an international Chain (UK based) with also several shops in Belgium and the Netherlands. Holland & Barrett sells “a wide range of vitamins, minerals, health supplements, specialist foods and natural beauty products.” (taken from their website).

front of Store, Holland & Barrett, Bruges

interior, Holland & Barrett, Bruges

There is also a Holland & Barrett shop in Bruges, in the Noordzandstraat (not far from ‘t Zand and the Dweersstraat).  I only recently discovered that H&B have a decent range of vegan labelled body and care products (e.g. shampoo, bath and shower wash, toothpaste, face cream), and now regularly do some shopping there.
They also have some food items (nuts, special flours), and a wide range of vitamines and other supplements (vegan vitamine D for example).

nuts, dried fruits, Holland & Barrett, Bruges

egg free mayonaise, Holland & Barrett, Bruges

vegan vitamine D from mushrooms, Holland & Barrett, Bruges

Body & care products from Dr Organic (many vegan labelled), Holland & Barrett, Bruges

Here are some more pics from inside the Holland & Barrett in Bruges.

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Holland & Barrett, location
Noordzandstraat 59
8000 Brugge
050/33 9477


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Central Market, Bruges


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  1. Dirk B. says

    Holland and Barrett’s are also among the largest distributors of omega 3 fish oil supplements, which are very bad for marine life and very unecological. Check on their website. If they cared about nature, they would promote vegan omega 3 supplements. But they don ‘t.

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