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Dare to think. Dare to speak

Dare to think. Dare to talk. Dare to act.

  • when you see animal abuse
  • when someone says one needs to eat animals to be healthy
  • when someone invites you for a visit to a zoo
  • when it is said that it all comes down to personal choice
  • when someone says cow’s milk is necessary for strong bones
  • when it is said that eating animals is ‘natural’
  • when someone says it has always been done this way
  • when it is said that animals don’t have feelings
  • when at a barcecue, someone shoves a ‘steak’ up your face
  • when someone says ‘humane meat’ is better
  • when someone replies but a cow ‘gives’ milk
  • when the rights of animals are violated

Speak up!

#animalrights #vegan

Inspired by a clip made by my Alma Mater, Ghent University:

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