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#57 Fabulous lunch at #HashtagFood in Bruges *****

Restaurant review #57 – Hashtag Food opened in 2014. It is in the city center, about 5 minute walk from the main market square, close to the shopping street and just around the corner of Simon Stevinsquare. (Update: see below, new address since end 2017, now at edge of city)


hashtag food, outside

It’s a bright and very spacious place (they could have easily cramped in another half a dozen or so tables, but luckily they didn’t. Now you can breathe!). It looks hip and trendy! The table place mats are old records, which immediately gives you something to talk about 🙂 As do the names of the dishes!

Interior Hashtagfood, Bruges

Interior Hashtagfood, Bruges

soups, Hashtag food, Bruges

soups, Hashtag food, Bruges

The menu is more bistro style (note that it also closes at 8PM). There are several vegan items standardly available, and some dishes that can easily be veganised. You can see the menu (in English) here. The chef did tell us that the menu changes every once in a while, and there would be a vegan pasta available soon. Both the waiter and the chef were very friendly and knowledgeable about what vegans means, which gave us a reassuring feeling (the veggie burger for example is not vegan, as it contains egg).

For drinks we had a tonic (3,30€) and freshly squeezed orange juice (4,20€). It came with popcorn with spicy herbes.

popcorn with spicey herbs

popcorn with spicey herbs

Besides orange juice, there are also other juices availble and all freshly in house squeezed juices come in a small bottle. Nice touch. Some icecubes would have topped it! During lunch, we also had this freshbreeze of lemon and lime (3,50€):

fresh breeze

fresh breeze

As an appetizer, we ordered one portion of bruscetta (with tomato and garlic) (9,60€). This was more than enough to share with two as an appetizer. We got it served together with the soup.


bruschetta with tomato and garlic, 9,60€

The only soup that is not vegan is the nights in white satin. We had the orange crush: pumpkin, pepper and carrot (6,20€), and the big yellow taxi: yellow tomato and yellow pepper (6,40€).

red soup

Orange crush soup: pumpkin, sweet pepper and carrot, 6,20€

Yellow soup

Big yellow taxi: yellow carrot, yellow tomato and yellow pepper, 6,40€

The bread comes individually packed in sealed little paper bags. That’s a great idea! (and yes, with the confirmation that it is vegan). To replace the butter, we each got a tiny bottle of olive oil. Another great idea!

Bread and olive oil

Bread and olive oil

We ordered two salads: the soul and symphony: with apple and nuts (16,80) and the jazz and blues (17,20€). They both normally come with cheese, but that was of course left out. The salad also comes with bread on the side (but we still had some leftover that came with the soup). We did have some potato wedges on the side (3€).

salad apple and

soul and symphony, 16,80€

salad pear and

jazz and blues, 17,20€

potato wedges on the side

potato wedges on the side, 3€

The salads were not only a joy to watch but also delicious. Such great variety, and a beautiful presentation. As you can see on the photos, the jazz and blues salad was predominantly dark (with blackberries, blueberries, black flowers, …), the soul and symphony salad was more with yellow and orange fruits and flowers (like nasturtium). Undoubtedly the best salad we ever had on restaurant! And also way more than enough portion, I could not finish mine.

We were stuffed, and inquired about dessert. And although there’s normally no vegan dessert on the menu, the chef came up with this surprise dessert especially for us (thank you!): soy yofu and mango and koriander ice cream. Yummie.



We loved the food, we loved the decor, and we loved the service. Great points all round!
Recommended and we will definitely go again!

#Food or Hashtag Food, location
Oude Burg 30
8000 Brugge
+32 (0)50 70 76 70

NEW ADDRESS and opening hours, since December 2017:
Scheepsdalelaan 37, 8000 Brugge. location


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Hashtagfood, entrance

Hashtagfood, entrance

Hashtagfood, interior

Hashtagfood, interior

#food, Bruges

#food, Bruges

toilet, clean and tidy

toilet, clean and tidy (in recent reviews, I try to include a pic of the bathroom, as it also determines the overall impression of the place)


  1. Looks yummy!! Great photos and I love the idea of using records for placemats!

    Bon Appetite!

    ❤ carmen

  2. Stephanie says

    Looking good! Ik ga mijn vriend eens aanporren om ook in Brugge veggie/vegan eetgelegenheden uit te proberen.

    • Leuk! er zijn nu toch al behoorlijk wat opties. Toch al veel meer dan een paar jaar geleden. Als je nog meer vegan plekjes weet te vinden, geef je ons dan ook een seintje?
      Of als je wel/niet akkoord bent met onze review van een plek, mag je dat ook gerust laten weten 😉

  3. All of the foods look great & that lovely unique dessert,..yum yumm! The salads look very inviting & amazing but still cost a lot, not? MMMMM! I will be visiting there soon!

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  6. Wimmeke says

    Tof dat dit eethuisje in de lijst voorkomt, ben er ook al eens geweest vond het heel lekker, Dave en Emanuel (mijn neef) doen dat goed ! 👌

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