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#134 Nice Lebanese dinner at Karamna, Louvain

Restaurant review #134 – Karamna is a Lebanese restaurant in Louvain. It is located in the city center, in a corner of the Oude Markt (old market). It is not a really big place, but does have a terrace in front.

Lebanese restaurant Karamna, Louvain

Interior, Karamna, Louvain

A couple of months ago, I already received confirmation through e-mail that vegan dishes are possible, and which dishes we could choose from the menu. I telephoned to make a reservation for dinner and inquired again whether they had vegan options, and it was said to be no problem.

Upon arrival, we repeated that we are vegan, and do not eat any animal products. The lady of the house immediately went through the menu, and showed which dishes are suitable.

We ordered a variety of smaller plates, some listed as cold or hot dishes (nearly all listed as appetizers), and asked for them to be served together:

  • Falafel (4 pieces, 1,25/piece)
  • Fatayer Sabanekh = baked dough stuffed with spinach, onion and lemon (4 pieces, 1,25€/piece)
  • Modardara = lentils with onions and rice (4,50€)
  • Hummus (5€)
  • Tabbouleh (5€)
  • Fotor = fried fresh mushrooms with garlic coriander and lemon (5€)

The only dish that wasn’t going to be ready yet was the lentil dish (with onions and rice), and that would be served later, we were warned. No problem.

The dishes came with with lebanese bread on the side. We were also served some haricots on the house (green beans with tomato sauce and garlic). That was a nice gesture! The lentils dish indeed came later.

Karamna, Louvain

Karamna, Louvain

Karamna, Louvain

Karamna, Louvain

We absolutely loved the food! Great flavours, nice variety and good portions.
We did not ask for desserts any more, and have no idea whether there are any vegan desserts available.

Toilets were downstairs and were basic but spotlessly clean. Beware that this is not a vegan restaurant, and that can be confrontational. At one point the smoke of grilled meat from the kitchen rolled into the restaurant and was quite overwhelming.
Service at Karamna was very friendly and accomodating (no Dutch spoken, we communicated in English).

We had a nice dinner and would definitely like to visit again!


Karamna, location
Oude Markt 25
3000 Leuven


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clean toilets at Karmamna, Louvain

We went cycling with our tandem around Louvain! This is Kasteel van Arenberg:

Oude Markt, Louvain


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