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Take a look around! Adding travel snapshots to reviews

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to add snapshots of the surroundings to blogposts. So whenever I publish a post with a review of a shop or restaurant, there are now not only photos of the restaurant, but also one or two photos, or even a short video, of the area. A city view, a particular monument, or a spectacular landscape.

It gives you an idea of the surroundings (albeit just a glimp), and some of the things we have spotted during our visit to that city or area. And for me it’s also a way of documenting some memories from that particular city trip or visit!

Here are some of the pics that were included in recent reviews.
Some link to Instagram.

Oude Markt, Louvain

Traffic sign in Soho, London

Bridge over Hyde Park, London

biking with our tandem in Paris. At the Louvre

Bridge over the Seine, Paris

Monument (and playground) DUIK at the docks near Noordoever, Louvain

watertaxi, Rotterdam (NL)

exploring the city with the tandem bike (Jim on left), Markthal, Rotterdam (NL)

Cube houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Cascade, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

biking with the tandem in Paris

cemetery Père Lachaise, Paris

City Hall Louvain, Christmas lights

Statue in Sint Donatus Park, Kamerood Sesteg

Statue of Paep Thoon, not far from Greenway, Louvain

IJzertoren, Diksmuide

Along the Yser, Diksmuide

Cycling route in the area, with WWI theme, Diksmuide

along the canals of Amsterdam

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